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At the foot of the Alps through the idyllic hinterland of Munich

What is the Wings for Life World Run?

The Wings for Life World Run is a global running and wheelchair event, that starts worldwide at exactly the same time and only ends when the last runner is caught by the so called Catcher Car.

In 2017 the world once again runs for those who can’t. Runners in Germany will start for the third time in Munich’s Olympiapark. The starting signal goes off at exactly 1pm local time. Half an hour later, at 1.30pm local time, the Catcher Car will start chasing the runners: for those who get caught, the race is over.

Be part of it: You can join thousands of runners worldwide at the Wings for Life World Run – the first truly global run. Step up to the challenge, nominate your friends and challenge your family to run for those who can’t. The shared goal unites: 100% of all Wings for Life World Run entry fees go straight to the Wings for Life foundation. Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation with a single mission – find a cure for spinal cord injury.

Entry fee

  • 36 € from May 8th 2016 until May 31st 2016
  • 39 € from June 1st 2016 until December 31st 2016
  • 43 € from January 1st 2017 until March 31st 2017
  • 49 € from April 1st 2017 until May 3rd 2017
    (stated amounts incl. 19% VAT/MwST.)


Unfortunately it is not possible to refund your entry fee, in case you cannot start. 100% of all entry fees go straight into projects for spinal cord research. This way you contribute to finding a cure for spinal cord injury, even when you are not starting. Thanks to the Wings for Life World Run Selfie Run app from now on you can start your personal Wings for Life World Run Selfie Run wherever you are. The Wings for Life World Run app is free and simulates the Catcher Car, which will be chasing you and thousand other runners worldwide.

You see: There are plenty of excuses but not a single reason not to participate!


Everyone can participate in the Wings for Life World Run. You don’t need any experience or previous knowledge. Only one criterion must be met: In order to start, participants must be at least 16 years old. In case you are, you can join thousands of runners and wheelchair participants and start alongside them for those who cannot run.

Infants may be carried along in buggies, provided that due to hindrance participants with buggies start at the end of the last starting block.

Wheelchair participants

In 2017 wheelchair participants and runners again start side by side in one race. All participants start together – just like it should be! The only requirement: wheelchair participants have to start in everyday wheelchairs.

Here is how the Wings for Life World Run works


Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

12°C Average temp
70% Humidity
25% Chance of rain

Averages for München
Only 329 Places left

100% of the entry fee goes to spinal cord research

49.00 EURStarting fee
7.82 EURtax.invoicetext
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