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Run at Silverstone on 4th May 2014

The Wings for Life World Run: how far can you run?


On 4th May 2014 the Wings For Life World Run is coming to the Silverstone race circuit. 5000 people will be running, and you could be one of them. The race will begin on the racetrack and then stretch out into the surrounding countryside, which heralds some pretty spectacular views.

The race will be held in 34 locations all around the world. Every race will start at exactly the same time (to the second!) and there will be one winner.

There's a twist... this is the first race where the finish line chases you. Whether you're a 5k fun runner or a competitive athlete that regularly knocks out ultra-marathons, your challenge is to run as far as you can before the catcher car passes you. "Catcher car?" we hear you say... 30 minutes after you start, our catcher car will start moving from the start line, if it passes you you're out.


Have we convinced you? Main regisration has now closed but you can still register on race day between 8am-9am.



Think of the car as gentle encouragement to run a bit further. You can use our distance calculator at the bottom of this page to work out how far you can run before the car passes you.


The race is raising money for Wings for Life, so we do ask that you contribute an entry fee of £40. Rest assured that 100% of your entry fee will go to charity to be spent on spinal cord research projects.

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11:00 AM
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13°C 55°F
average temp
chance of rain
5:27 AM
8:28 PM
103 m
altitude difference
Nature run



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Personal Goal Calculator

Set your personal goal

To prepare for this new running experience check out the Personal Goal Calculator: enter the distance or time you want to run, and it calculates your pace; put in your estimated pace and get your expected time and distance. The calculator will show you where the official catcher car will overtake the runners and finish their race. Welcome to the first simultaneous World running race!
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About the run -
<strong>A unique concept</strong>

About the run -
A unique concept