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The British Wings for Life World Run starts in Cambridge.  The course starts within the beautiful City of Cambridge at Parker's Piece and heads past the historic university, over the River Cam and out into the very, very flat Fenlands!


The beauty of the Wings for Life World Run is that the race is open to anyone and everyone over 18 years of age, from beginners to the running elite and wheelchairs users in a regular wheelchair.   Due to the unique format of the catcher chasing participants there is no set distance; so you can walk 4km, run 10km or race to 80km…it’s up to you, set your own goal.

Unfortunately this year there is no children’s race.


Registration 8th May 2016 until 31st Dec 2016: £25 Early bird offer
Registration 1st Jan 2017 until 25th Mar 2017: £35
Registration 26th Mar 2017 until 7th May 2017: £40

Be part of it and sign up now! 100% of every runners’ entry fee goes to spinal cord research.


On 7th May 2017 wheelchair users and runners will start together in one race. Just like it should be! The only limitation: the wheelchairs have to be standard wheelchairs and not special ones for racing. Please click here for more info.


  • 08.00 BST – Registration opens
  • 11.00 BST – Registration closes
  • 11:30 BST – Everyone to be in position at start
  • 11:45 BST – Warm up begins
  • 12.00 BST – RACE START
  • 12.30 BST – Catcher car starts on course – pace: 15km/hour (9.32 miles/hour)
  • 13.30 BST – Pace increase: 16km/hour (9,94 miles/hour)
  • 14.30 BST – Pace increase: 17km/hour (10,56 miles/hour)
  • 15.30 BST – Pace increase: 20 km/hour (12,43 miles/hour)
  • 17.30 BST – Pace increase: 35km/hour (21.75 miles/hour)


The registration area and start of the race will be held at Parker's Piece in the centre of Cambridge (CB2 1AA).

By Train
There is a fast and frequent rail service from London King’s Cross & London Liverpool Street through to Cambridge. There are excellent connections from Scotland & the North via Peterborough, and regional services from Birmingham & the Midlands, East Anglia & the Northwest. For bus services from Cambridge railway station into the city centre look for the Citi 1, Citi 3 or Citi 7 services.

By Road
From the South & from London, Cambridge is a short trip up the M11 motorway. From the north, the A1 and M1 link to the A14 dual carriageway straight to the city, and from the east and west, the A14 again takes you to Cambridge.

Car Parking: There is good parking in the centre of Cambridge with the Queen Anne Terrace multi storey car park located around 100m to the start area of the Wings for Life World Run. We recommend participants car share as much as possible to reduce congestion in the City and use the following car parks.

Queen Anne Terrace –

Grafton East –

Grand Arcade -

Park Street -

You can track the live status of each car park using the links above.

Park & Ride: We also strongly recommend using the Park & Ride facilities located on the outskirts of the City. Full information on these services, incl. locations, timetables, bus stop locations, charges etc. can be found here: There are swift and frequent bus ride to the City Centre and the start area on Parker's Piece.  


Please note that the organiser reserves the right to disqualify runners who disregard the below conditions:

  • DO NOT RUN ON PAVEMENTS – not even to quickly overtake a runner in front of you should the running area become congested. The road surface is the course. This is for your safety and the safety of pedestrians.
  • NO pushchairs of any kind are allowed in the race.
  • NO pets are allowed.
  • NO headphones are allowed in the race
  • Participant must pass the Catcher Cars to activate the bib at the starting line.
  • You must pass the Catcher Cars to activate your race bib at the starting line.
  • The Catcher Car will pass you on your RIGHT, PLEASE  keep to your LEFT on the course as it approaches.
  • DO NOT throw rubbish on the route. Keep your rubbish with you and use the bins provided at the water stations to dispose of it.


This year for the first time there is a chance for those living within Cambridge City Centre to collect their bib pre-race.  

Pre registration and bib collection will take place from the Up and Running shop located on 36 Trinity St, Cambridge CB2 1TB at these times: Friday 5th May 11:30am - 7pm; Saturday 6th May 10:00am - 4pm. 

You cannot collect a bib for another runner, you must show ID and present your running number which will be emailed to you in advance of the race and is visible on the start list here:


On site registration will take place in the competitor area in Parkers Piece, Cambridge. All participants must register on arrival to take part. On arrival please locate your correct registration point. Please make sure to bring your registration confirmation as well as a form of photo ID with you. No-one will be allowed to pick up a race number for a friend or family member. NO MATERIAL WILL BE SENT BY POST IN ADVANCE OF THE RACE.


SUNDAY 7th MAY 2017

  • 08.00 BST – Registration opens
  • 10.00 BST – Event day sign ups closed 
  • 11.00 BST – Registration closes


Once registered on the event site you will receive an envelope containing your running number with 2 removable tabs to label your belongings.

Your timing chip, also GPS activated for the tracking on the catcher car, is fixed to the back of your running number. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THIS CHIP AS IT WILL FAIL TO REGISTER YOUR TIME.

Once you pick up your number please affix this to your running top using the 4 safety pins provided taking care not to damage the timing chips on the back of your number.

Please remember that it is very foolish to run if you have had any sort of virus or fever in the last four weeks. It is equally foolish to run with an injury - in these circumstances, please DO NOT run.

If you decide not to run for any reason, please do not give your race number to anyone else. You MUST NOT under any circumstances use someone else’s running number, nor let anyone use yours. Imagine the anxiety caused to either set of relatives and friends in the event of a misidentification should there be a medical emergency. Please note that the organiser reserves the right to disqualify runners who have swapped runners.


First aid support will be available – if you need assistance please speak to volunteers or medical staff  who will be placed along the route. A full medical team will also be on site at Parkers Piece for any serious injuries and a team will also be driving behind the catcher car.


There are refreshment stations out on the route at the following distances: 4.5km, 7km, 10km,12km, 14.8km, 17.5km, 19.6km, 22.6km, 24.3km, 28km, 31km, 35km, 37km, 39.8km, 42.5km, 44.6km, 46.6km, 48.3km, 52km, 55km, 59km.

Drinks available:

  • Water
  • Red Bull mixed with water
  • Red Bull Energy drink

Snacks available:

  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Sweets


Toilet trailers and fixed toilet blocks will be located in the start assembly area at the start and finish. There will also be toilets on the course at regular intervals.


Runners will be able to leave their bags on site at Parkers Piece in the designated bag drop areas.  Although we will have staff working in this area bags will be left at the owners own risk.


There will be no changing facilities or showers in the start/finish area, please ensure you arrive in your running kit and take any additional belongings to the bag drop. Once you have deposited your kit bag, you will not be able to retrieve your belongings until after the finish.


To ensure the safety of the runners at all times we will be operating rolling road closures along the route.  We do ask participants to get onto the shuttle services provided to take you back to Parkers Piece as quickly as possible once you have been eliminated so we can re-open these roads to the public and minimise disruption to the local residents.


Important: There are two (2) Catcher Cars starting at 12:30 BST. Due to the global nature of the event all the tracking/timing is synced. The Catcher Cars must be able to pass participant WITHOUT slowing down. It is extremely important for runners and walkers to be aware of their surroundings and run on the LEFT side of the course/road. There will be cyclists and volunteers alerting you when the Catcher Cars get close. When the Catcher Car approaches, please move to the LEFT, so there is enough space for the car to pass you safely. Do not step off course or outside the marked perimeter, the course is designed to accommodate the Catcher Car and runners. Participants not moving over will risk disqualification. Please be alert and listen to instruction. Please do not wear headphones.

DO NOT RUN ON PAVEMENTS – not even to quickly overtake a runner in front of you should the running area become congested. The road surface is the course. This is for your safety and the safety of pedestrians. Please be alert and listen to instruction. Please do not wear headphones.


There will be shuttle station stops along the Wings for Life World Run route at least every 5km.  Once runners have been eliminated from the race they will have to walk to the nearest shuttle station and then be transported back to Parkers Piece as quickly as possible.  Water will be provided on the shuttles.  Please do bear in mind that you will have been running for some time, the weather may not be on our side so please be prepared with rain coats or jumpers or hats, this may require you running with a backpack.


Upon returning to Parkers Piece all participants will be given a finisher pack including a medal.


When you return with the shuttle bus, join us for a post run celebration hosted by Red Bull! Grab a snack and cheer on the remaining participants around the globe with the live feed on the giant screen in Parkers Piece.


Spectators are very welcome at this event.  There will be a big screen in Parkers Piece where spectators and eliminated runners will be able to watch the global race.

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12°C Average temp
75% Humidity
12% Chance of rain

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