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Getting In The Mood

You guys are looking amazing!

It’s time to get excited. Sunday, May 8, is so close, and you guys look amazing! From radio interviews in Dubai to doing a final bit of core training, you are really stepping up.

From Fernanda Maciel doing some very impressive last-minute core conditioning ...



... to TeamURun taking on the rain in France for a final training session.




Ginny Langton and Danielle_lilli seem to know exactly where they’re going in their last training session in London.




But Global Champion challenger Florian Neuschwander – who has his eye on 80km – might need some help still … he’s been distracted by the brewery.  – runwiththeflo





Chris Kouri in Dubai, the location expected to have the highest temperatures on Sunday – has been doing radio interviews, whipping up a storm.



Edwin Zasada running in Poznan, Poland, has set a solid 30k as his goal.



Then we have a couple of old-schoolers:

bariscatalyurek running in Izmir, Turkey, planned his race on paper – proper old school ... on paper ... with a pen


And Darragh Casey proving to the world that Mums are always there for you. All signed up and ready to run. Thanks Darragh's Mum!




While Peru’s ambassadors are having a bit of downtime together before the event.


So what are you doing? Let us know where you are and how you're preparing for May 8. Can't wait to see you all there!

Let your family and friends know about the Live Experience at so they can track you and experience the global race as it happens. 


100% of all entry fees and donations go directly to spinal cord research projects. .

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