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That Was the Wings for Life World Run 2016

That Was the Wings for Life World Run 2016

When Japan’s Kaori Yoshida and Italy's Giorgio Calcaterra surged forward at 11am UTC on May 8 at the same time as 130,732 runners of all abilities across 34 official locations, little did they know they would smash records, set new benchmarks and lay down the challenge for future elite athletes at the Wings for Life World Run.


And then there were the other 130,730 runners, who ran their hearts out, cheered, smiled and partied their way to their own goals, which were celebrated by 34 Catcher Car drivers honking and high-fiving worldwide.


Right now, 130,732 pairs of running shoes are sitting by doors, 130,732 kits are drying out on the washing line and 130,732 faces are about to light up in smiles.


Here's the first look back at the Wings for Life World Run 2016. 





Registration is already open for May 7, 2017 -- the sooner  you get registered, the lower your race number. Go on, you know you want to!

Wings for Life
Wings for Life
Wings for Life World Run Explained
Wings for Life World Run Explained
It's hard to find so many satisfied faces in one place anywhere else :)

Matjaz Klemencic, Slovenia

To run, to do something for a better tomorrow and to run with people that I love. It is something special because it is not about winning the race...but winning in life itself.

Matej Markovič Slovenia

Running is so much easier when you know it's for such a good cause!

Kenny Belaey, Ieper, Belgium

The fact that you were being chased by a Catcher Car with a celebrity in it was also VERY COOL.

Melina Magulas, Norway

Wow … Brought a tear to my eye and am very proud to of run this year and thank you for such a great experience …

Natalie Hilton, participant 2015

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