Training Tips from the Experts

Whether you are aiming to become the next global champion, or simply achieve your goal of 10km, our Wings for Life World Run running experts are here to help! May 7th is just around the corner (38 days!), so here are some top training tips to help you on your way…

Kelly Whittaker

Puma trainer and elite marathon runner, Kelly Whittaker, created 12-week training plans to help runners train for this year’s Wings for Life World Run.  As we are approaching week 8, Kelly stresses the importance of non-impact training.  

“Yoga/spinning/swimming are all highly recommended, ideally it should be something that keeps the body moving but has no impact – this way you can prevent injury.“

If you aren’t already training for the race, be sure to check out Kelly’s training plans to help get you on track before the big day.



Marc Herremans

We are lucky to call Marc our Wings for Life World Run Sports Director Wheelchair. Only 8 months after his accident, he competed in the Physically Challenged Division of Ironman in Hawaii. He earned three consecutive podiums until finally winning the Ironman World Championship in 2006. After achieving so much, before, and after his accident he has become a true inspiration to many people around the world.

For those competing in your day-to-day wheelchairs this year (hand bikes and sports wheelchairs are not allowed due to safety reasons) Marc is the best man to receive advice from! He explains that training your upper body is essential to improve speed and stamina, but obviously it depends on the type of injury you have. Because of his type of injury he is able to move his arms and hands…

“I do training with a hand bike, pull-ups, swinging myself – just about everything a person can do with the upper body is possible, so I do as much variation as I can.”



Kirstin Birkelund

This week you may have noticed a series of training clips that have been released on our social channels (you should definitely check them out if you haven’t already!).

Kirstin Birkelund from Norway is a puma ambassador and fitness influencer. Her energetic, and challenging training videos are inspiring people to get out there and start moving their bodies. For those needing that extra push to start training, she recommends having fun with it!

“Make your work out fun! Try new things and exercises, and always challenge yourself. If you need motivation, try working out with a friend, then you can push each other.”



Giorgio Calcaterra

Finally, we can all learn a thing or two from triple ultra-marathon World Champion, Wings for Life World Run global champion 2016 and event record holder, Giorgio Clacaterra.  After running an astonishing 88.44km last year in Italy’s race, many people are out to beat his record this year.

His golden rule for those who are trying to be beat his record, is to run whenever possible, and aim to keep an even pace. Running for over 5 hours is not easy, so he also explains…

“Mental strength is really important. You must concentrate and not lose faith in yourself.”

Ready to put these training tips into action? If you haven’t already registered for the race, find out how to here.