Your 12-Week Challenge Starts Here

It’s only 12 weeks to go until Race Day so it’s time to fetch your trainers, stretch your limbs and start training for the Wings for Life World Run.


Worried about how to start?

Fear not, your all-important weekly training plans, specially prepared by PUMA trainer and ace marathon runner Kelly Whittaker (@kjw227) , will be available here from Wednesday.


Kelly is a US-based fitness instructor who has run many marathons and half-marathons around the world. She has designed 12-week plans specifically for Wings for Life World Run Beginners, and  Intermediate runners, so whatever your level, if you follow her advice you won’t go far wrong. 

You can even use the goal calculator from the website to adjust the plans to your own ability.


Think of it as your 12-week challenge. As Kelly says: “Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.”


To help keep you going, each week will focus on a single theme, specially chosen to make training easier and more beneficial. Week 1 is all about Motivation – just what you need to get started!


The coming weeks will feature vital tips on nutrition, what to wear, how to relax, and other hot topics - so keep your eyes peeled! 


Florian ‘Flo’ Neuschwander, the Wings for Life World Run winner in Munich last year, will be giving advice on motivation this Thursday, in the first of our weekly Facebook Live sessions with Race Ambassadors and Wings for Life World Run experts.

Flo lives by the motto ‘run with the flow’, he says: “I run because running is easy. You just need shoes and shorts, then you step out the door and away you go. Through running you can see the world.”

So what’s motivating Flo this year?

Not much: he only wants to be global champion. Oh, and for his global team to run far enough to reach around the world. That’s 44,000 kilometres!


And if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry. Do it now. Twelve weeks is plenty of time to get ready for one of the best days of your life!

Goal Calculator
Goal Calculator
Wings for Life World Run Explained
Wings for Life World Run Explained
I believe that a solution will be discovered in the future, and I’m really happy that we can count on an organization like Wings for Life to help find it.

Marc Herremans, Wings for Life World Run Ambassador

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