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Let's run with the whole world

Run through the historical centre, lovely nature and local villages

Here you'll find all the actual information for runners and wheelchair participants.

Also in 2017, we run for those who can’t. And, of course, this year as well, in Slovakia in the heart of Europe . On the 7th of May 2017 in the centre of Bratislava, another Wings for Life World Run will take place. The starting signal will be fired at 1 pm sharp, CET and the start will be located in front of Eurovea shopping centre. Half an hour later, at 1.30 pm, the Catcher Car will begin its pursuit of the runners: when the car passes a runner, their race is over.

The whole entry fee goes entirely to the foundation Wings for Life. The goal is to collect donations in order to find a cure for spinal cord injury.


Map of the run is located on the end of this page.

Limit of this run is set to 4000 runners.



It is possible to register on spot, until reaching limit of 4000 runners. The registration will take place at 1st floor, Eurovea shopping centre. You can pay cash or use card.  

We are looking forward to seeing on the starting line!


More information about the run:


During the check-in, each participant receives their starting number with a time chip. The competition number must be placed visibly on the front of the participants' clothes during the whole run.

Check-in will take place at Eurovea Expo, 1. floor next to cinema

  • 4.5. od 14:00 - 19:00
  • 5.5. od 12:00 - 19:00
  • 6.5. od 10:00 - 19:00
  • 7.5. od 8:00 - 11:00

During your check-in you will need your ID to verify your identity. As a participant you will need to submit the completed and signed 'Declaration', that you will find at the check-in desk. People who do not complete the check-in will not be allowed to attend.

We kindly ask you not to check-in last minute! It will save your time and prevent long waiting lines. We recommend to check-in on Thursday/Friday/Saturday. Thank you!


During the check-in each participant will receive a starter kit which includes a unique starting number. The number must be placed visibly on the front of participants' clothes during the whole run so that all the information is clearly visible. The back side of the competition number will provide a form with medical information that must be fully and truthfully filled-in.


Participants will be divided into running groups according to their personal best. Faster runners will be placed in front of the starting area, close to the starting line. All runners will start at the same time.

  • GROUP 1

Marathon in 3 hours / Half-marathon in 1 hour 30 minutes / 10 km in 40 minutes

  • GROUP 2

Marathon between 3 hours - 4 hours / Halfmarathon between 1 hours 30 minutes – 2 hour / 10 km in 40-50 min

  • GROUP 3

Marathon between 4 hours – 5 hours / Halfmarathon between 2 hour – 2 hours 30 minutes / 10 km in 60 min

  • GROUP 4

Marathon over 5 hours / Halfmarathon over 2 hour 30 minutes / 10 km over 60 minutes

 + all participants that will not fill out the time


  • GROUP 1 Wheelchair participants

Marathon in 2 hours / halfmarathon in 1 hour

  • GROUP 2 Wheelchair participants

Marathon in 2 hours - 2 hours 30 minutes / halfmarathon in 1 hour - 1 hour 20 minutes

  • GROUP 3 Wheelchair participants

Marathon between 2 hours 30 minutes - 3 hours/ halfmarathon between 1 hour 20 minutes - 1 hour 40 minutes

  • GROUP 4 Wheelchair participants

Marathon over 3 hours / halfmarathon over 1 hour 40 minutes

 + all participants that will not fill out the time


All participants will be asked to be present in the starting area at least 30 minutes before the start of the race. Any participant who gets to the starting area after this time will be placed in the back. Once the participants are present in the starting area, they are not permitted to leave without being disqualified.

All participants start at the same time. Participants must pass the starting line to activate the measuring chip (located at the starting number) in order to be considered active participants in the race. The organiser is not responsible for any timing failure.


When they set off (30 minutes after the runners), the Catcher Cars will do 15km/h. This will increase periodically at exactly the same time all over the world.

13:00 – RACE START
13:30 – CATCHER CAR START – PACE of 15km/hr (approx. 9.3 mph)
14:30 – PACE INCREASE: 16 kph (9.94 mph)
15:30 – PACE INCREASE: 17 kph (10.56 mph)
16:30 – PACE INCREASE: 20 kph (12.43 mph)
18:30 – PACE INCREASE to 35 kph (approx. 21.75 mph) until the final participant is passed.


Shopping gallery Eurovea (right at the Wings for Life World Run starting line) offers parking in its underground. We recommend to park there. Make sure to be there at least 3 hours before the start.


All traffic restrictions can be found here:


After the run, there will be transport to the starting point arranged for each participant. The bus will be right behind the "Catcher car." These buses will be exclusively for the participants. The bus will take all runners to the starting point.

Portable toilets will be also placed at each refreshment station (every 5 km).


Will be directly in Eurovea complex at the designated place near the starting line. More detailed information can be found before the event.


Changing rooms and toilets will be placed directly in the Eurovea at the designated place near the start. More detailed information can be found before the event. All this will be available on the day of the event.

Portable toilets will be also placed at each refreshment station (every 5 km).


Refreshment stations will be placed along the entire route approximately every 5 kilometers. At the refreshments there will be offered basic items such as water, isotonic / sports drinks, fruit, tea / soda and a sponge for refreshment as appropriate to the location and weather.


While making your reservation, mention that you are Wings for Life World Run 2017 participant.

Hotel IBIS Bratislava Centrum ***
Room price - 55 €/night (1 person/ 2 persons) – at least 2 nights

  • Breakfast: not included
  • Parking: 18 €/night

Room price - 60 €/night (1 person)

Room price - 65 €/night (2 persons)

  • Breakfast: included
  • Parking: 18 €/night

Reservations: +421 2 59 292 780


Hotel MERCURE Bratislava Centrum ****
Room price – 69 €/night (1 person)
Room price – 85 €/night (2 persons)

Breakfast: included

Reservations: +421 2 57 277 770


Medical team in partnership with First Aid will monitor and provide health care. They will provide health care as follows:

· Static Guard – At each refreshment station

· Mobile patrols - paramedics on bicycles

· Mobile ambulances – at the refreshment stations and as a part of a peloton


Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

16°C Average temp
60% Humidity
15% Chance of rain

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