5 Thıngs You Must Do in İzmİr

There are only a couple of days left till Wings for Life World Run and if you still don’t know what to do in İzmir during your stay (we are assuming you’ll stay a couple of days in the city, if you're not a resident, right?) we got you covered. Take a look!

Kordon Coast

Wandering through the famous Kordon coast is a must. Especially at sunset, Kordon is the place to be. And when you need a break, just lay down on the grass and have some sunflower seed, which’s known as “çiğdem” -only- in İzmir. Don’t throw away the shells on the grass though!

The Historic Elevator

One of the most beautiful spots in İzmir, the Historic Elevator (Tarihi Asansör) should also be in your to-do-list. It doesn't take too long to get there (you can use the public transportation) and when you arrive, take the elevator and go up. There, a breathtaking view waits for you.

Pastry with egg

Ok, so this list is not only about historic places and touristic activities. It’s also about discovering the culture and routines of İzmir and that involves food, too! A famous pastry, “boyoz” goes best with egg and you can find it anywhere in İzmir. Especially after a crazy night out, the people of İzmir don’t go to bed without eating these two.

Kumru sandwich

This “mixed” sandwich is one of the things identified with İzmir. Çeşme, the popular coastal town of İzmir is famous for its kumru but you can also have it in İzmir, especially at Güzelyalı and Karşıyaka.

Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street

This street is a must-see spot also. It’s like İstiklal Street in İstanbul; you can have a pleasant dinner, listen to some good music and hang out at the countless night spots here.

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