Ambassadors Enjoyed a TraInIng Run at İstanbul Coast

We’re less than a month away from the big day, so go register while you still can!

The trainings for May 7 are going well; teams and ambassadors keep sharing their training experiences and encourage everyone to run for those who can’t.

On a lovely, fresh morning in İstanbul, two of this year’s ambassadors, Ayşe Tolga and Irmak Kazuk met up for a training run. The great supporters of the race from day one, the cool running group Rundamental joined them, too. Their meeting point was Bebek, one of İstanbul’s breathtaking neighborhoods’. The training run started from there and ended up at Arnavutköy coast.


Actress and entrepreneur Ayşe Tolga has been supporting Wings for Life World Run and she organized a training run in the previous years as well. One of our newest ambassadors’, the respected sports reporter Irmak Kazuk joined Ayşe Tolga at the training run.

The whole crew used the Wings for Life World Run app during their training.

No matter where you are, you can be a part of this meaningful event on May 7, with the Wings for Life World Run App and its Virtual Catcher Car.

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