"Beıng ın Turkey ıs So Meanıngful to Me"

Only one day left till the the big day and the level of excitement is going higher and higher! Over 30 locations on May 8, thousands will unite for one goal, to help raise funds for the ongoing spinal cord researches. Turkey will run for the ones who can't in İzmir this year and will welcome some runners from around the globe also! One of them is Karen Torrealba, the female winner of the race in Chile last year. Karen says visiting Turkey was a childhood dream and now she's very happy to fulfill that dream this way, by running at this great race for a great cause. We chatted with the bright and successful runner before the big day. 

How does it feel to run in a race that doesn’t have a finish line?

A mixture of anxiety and fear, because it is somewhat complex to face a race without knowing for certain when will it end, competition against other athletes, tha catcher and yourself. But surely that makes it so attractive and interesting run.

How did you prepare for this year’s race?

Seeking the fastest pace, but comfortable to run by jogging at a rate km / hr for several km to ensure I reach at least a marathon.

Did you set yourself a goal? How long are you planning to run before getting caught?

As a goal, to overcome the one i did last year (47 km), but now that I 'm here in Turkey I have my fears for altimetry, the track, wind, temperature, time of the race, and hydration.

Why did you choose İzmir as your location at this year’s event?

Since I was a little girl, before i start running, I wanted to visit Turkey, I don't really know why,
but I thought maybe when I become grandmother I'll fulfill that dream.
So it is so important for me to be here , because it is a goal I set for many years, and now I succeed it, right at my 35 years old, since May 2 was my birthday. Thus I feel this trip as a tremendous birthday present. 

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