Famous FIgures Call to WIngs for LIfe World Run

The fourth edition of Wings for Life World Run, organized to raise money for high-level research aiming to find a cure for spinal cord injury, will be held on May 7 in İzmir, concurrently with 24 countries. The race, shining out with its distinctive format, raised 17 million Euros for spinal cord research to date.

As was the case in previous years, many famous figures help us spread the word. Semra Çetinkaya, Vice President of The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey, disabled athletes Enes Günel and Bahattin Hekimoğlu, actresses Müjde Uzman and Ayşe Tolga, anchorwomen Tanem Sivar and Merve Toy, former Survivor champion Merve Oflaz, fitness trainer Murat Bür and Red Bull athletes Yağız Avcı and Ahmet Arslan are striving to spread this global movement to more people.



Figures such as Müjde Uzman, Murat Bür and Ayşe Tolga are preparing to run in İzmir on May 7. Merve Toy and Irmak Kazuk will run at the App Run to be held at Belgrad Forest in İstanbul, for those who won’t be able to run at the Izmir run, for which registrations are closed. You can register for the App Run to be held at Belgrad Forest with a virtual Catcher Car here.

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