From İzmİr, Wıth Love

Thousands of people are getting ready for the race in İzmir. They all received their race numbers and ready to go. We talked to some of them right before the start.

Erdal Denizaslanı is the founder of the Disabled Sports Club of Karşıyaka and this will be his first time in Wings for Life World Run. He says, he’s here to raise awareness.


Zehra and Nuri Aracagök say that didn’t set themselves a goal in the race, they just want to be a part of this great mission.


Mehmet Çatalağaç says, “It’s going to sound a bit cliche, but that’s also the right way to tell it. I’m here to run for the ones who can’t.”


Here’s a strong team of people and they only want to have fun! Ruşen Şen, Zehra Kosova and Mehmet Arık feel good about themselves and they also want to raise awareness. “That’s the most important part of this race,” says Mehmet Arık.


Saadet Düşkün says she will run alone and she didn’t set herself a goal. She says she’s here because she wanted to be part of such a great event.


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