Help by Runnıng ın the New Year

Today, many people are willing to take new resolutions and make changes in their lives. New year’s resolutions occupy our minds, especially in January. Losing weight, helping others and starting to run for a healthy life are among the most popular new year targets in the recent years. You can do that, and at the same time you can help finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. Yes, that's true!

With every new year, we take new resolutions in January and start to make changes in our lives, such as losing weight, living more steadily, helping others and leading a fit and healthy life. Many of us decide to run for a fit and healthy life. Running improves you not only physically, but also mentally. As an activity that can relax your mind completely, running is also like sleeping. It gets you to think more calmly and helps you refresh yourself.

You can lead a more fit and healthy life by including running among 2017 resolutions. After taking up running, you can participate in one of the many running races held in Turkey, in 5-kilometer, 10-kilometer, 21-kilometer and marathon categories.

Among these races, one of the most meaningful ones' is Wings for Life World Run, which will be held for the fourth time this year. All proceeds of the organization will go to research aiming to find a cure for spinal cord injuries. Last year, 130,000 participants ran 1,255,000 kilometers, raising 6.6 million Euros for the Wings for Life Foundation. The run raised a total of 17.8 million Euros to find a cure for spinal cord injury in its three-year history. You can also help spinal cord injury research by running in 2017.

Turkey edition of Wings for Life World Run will be held in İzmir for the second time in a row on May 7 2017. Registration is still open at the Wings for Life World Run site

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