JoIn the App Run In İstanbul

The official location of Wings for World Run in Turkey, İzmir is already sold out but hey, that's ok! Even if you can't make it to İzmir you can still support this cause by using the Wings for Life World Run app and run anywhere you desire, or you can join an Organized App Run. In Turkey, İstanbul, Belgrad Forest hosts one and you can apply it!

If you're not going to be in İzmir, here are some more great locations you can run. 


Manisa / Mountain Spil

2015's alternative running event Manisa Tarzanı, which was held in Mountain Spil is a great choice if you love history, besides running. The location was also home to Ahmet Bedevi aka Manisa Tarzanı, a legendary character who is believed to live between 1899-1963. It’s said that he lived in a lodge, and never left nature. Perfect choice! 


Niğde-Kayseri / Mountain Demirkazık

With its 3.756m altitude, Mountain Demirkazık is one of the most sought after running locations. Especially when the weather’s warm (which will be the case on May 8) you’ll be mesmerized by the scene.


Rize / Mountain Kaçkar

Rize is the hometown of the extraordinary racing event Red Bull Formulaz and has one of the most beautiful landscapes’, it can even be called “50 Shades of Green”! Especially around Mountain Kaçkar… If you’re close to Rize around May 7, or if you live there, you should definitely consider using the Wings for Life World Run app over there.  


Muğla-Antalya / Likya Road

The Likya Road is mountain runners’ favorite, with its 255 km long track (it’s 509 km long in total). It also has a historical vibe so why not give it a try? 

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