Lena Aylİn Erdİl Wıll Run ın İzmİr, too

Lena Aylin Erdil, the windsurf star and Red Bull athlete is one of the famous faces of İzmir today. This will be Lena’s first year joining the race and it looks like she can’t wait to run. Before the global start, we asked her a few questions about her performance and expectations.


How do you feel about running today?

This is my first time. It was always on my mind but I couldn’t make it before because of my own competitions. In fact, I had to be in South Korea this week but the competition has been delayed so here I am!

You are always training so does that provide you more advantage for this race, you think?

We are always doing warm-ups so we can say that it’s an advantage but running is not part of my discipline. So I guess I am at the same level with all the other participants.

Did you set yourself a limit?

In fact I did. I’m planning to run 10 km. Let’s see if that happens…

Last words?

Good luck to everyone. I hope all this hard work will pay off.

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