Meet Turkey's WIngs for LIfe World Run 2017 ChampIons

Another great event has passed; in 24 locations 155,000 people ran for the ones who can’t. At Turkey’s official location, İzmir, where 6,000 people joined the race, Meryem Gündoğdu and Veysi Aslan became the 2017 champions and raised their trophies.



The female winner of the race, Meryem Gündoğdu ran 39.43 km before getting caught by the Catcher Car. Veysi Aslan ran 57.51 km and became the male winner of Wings for Life World Run in Turkey.

Meryem, who ran and succeeded in marathons before says she was planning on running 35k. She says it was hard to deal with the hot weather but she was able to overcome it.

It was a great event. It was like a festival!

- Meryem Gündoğdu


Turkey’s male winner Veysi Aslan is a pro, too. He says he’s been running since 15 years and he ran in half marathons before. But this time he says it was a different case with the Catcher Car and everything. Veysi says he came to İzmir with one purpose only and that was achieving victory, which he did!

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