RunnIng Groups are Ready and AmbItIous!

Wings for Life World Run is about to begin and excitement peaks!

Things started early in Turkey's official race location İzmir; the participants arrived a day or more before the race and trained. 

Running groups are also present in İzmir and they look really ambitious! 

"We run marathons so we are well trained for Wings for Life World Run. But the real excitement here is the Catcher Car. It's going to be an unusual experience," says the founder of the running group Rebel Runners. The group is ready and they are planning to run for at least 35 km. 

This can happen to anyone. We are aware of that and we want to make a difference while we can still walk and run.

- Goygoy Runners

One of the founders' of the group, Adem Işık says they wish they could do more for the ones who can't run. "But for now, this is what we can do and we'll run for them!" Goygoy Runners plan on running 30 - 35 km. 

"I've  been running for almost 30 years now but this is the first time that I'll be running away from something!" says the Nike+Runclub coach Mehmet Çetin. The group's goal is to run at least 20 km. 

Adidas Runners İstanbul group is also present in İzmir and they think it's definitely going to be an unforgettable experience. 

Wings for Life World Run starts at the same time all around the world on May 7. You can watch it live on Red Bull TV

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