"The Catcher Car Motıvates Me"

Anatoli Oleinikov, the Georgian runner who became the male winner of Wings for Life World Run in it's first year, in Georgia, will be running in İzmir, Turkey this year. He's willing to pass his previous result and he's really motivated. We talked to him before the big day.


How does it feel to run in a race that doesn’t have a finish line?

It’s double motivation for me when u are against moving finish line. Catcher car is one of my great motivator on this run to do push my limits.

How did you prepare for this year’s race?

I was preparing almost every day to be in a best shape as possible.

Did you set yourself a goal? How long are you planning to run before getting caught?

60-65 km is my plan, I should increase my previous result.

Why did you choose İzmir as your location at this year’s event?

Turkey is a beautiful country and it’s close to Georgia and it was good for me to have adaptation time.

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