The FInal Countdown!

The annual Wings for Life World Run is almost here again. Before the big day (Sunday May 7) we summed up everything you need to know about this meaningful event. Check it out!

The Catcher Car is ready for you

Wings for Life World Run is an unusual race thanks to its unique features. And Catcher Car is one of them. All around the world, popular drivers such as David Coulthard and Carlos Sainz are doing the job which is catching the runners. In Turkey, five time rally champion Yağız Avcı gets behind the  wheel since day one. This year, the tradition goes on…

Famous names support the event, so can you

Each year, athletes, artists, TV personalities show their support to Wings for Life World Run, sharing their thoughts on social media, giving interviews, trying to raise awareness for spinal chord injury and help spreading the message. And once again, they are calling for you.

Run wherever you want

In Turkey, registrations for the İzmir race (which is the official spot pf race in Turkey) are closed but don’t worry. It’s still easy to join the global movement even if you can’t make it to the event location.   Get the Wings for Life World Run App and you’ll be chased by a Virtual Catcher Car at the same time as all the other runners around the globe. And be sure to check out the Organized App Runs, where groups are meeting to run with the App together. If you are in İstanbul, you can join the App Run in Belgrad Ormanı.

Live on Red Bull TV!

Wing for Life World Run takes place at the same exact time all around the world on Sunday May 7 and all the action will be shown live on Red Bull TV.

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