These Catcher Car Drıvers Are Comıng to Get You

The Wings for Life World Run is just around the corner and people from all around the world are getting ready to run the only race where the finish catches up with you!

Each one of the 34 races around the world will be taking place at the exact same time – day or night, rain or clear skies, sunshine or moonlight: it's happening! But what you might not know yet is who're the Catcher Car drivers, so here's a run down on a few of them. Which one is going to catch you?

The Netherlands: Max Verstappen

The 18-year-old Formula 1 driver is no stranger to driving cars, but the big challenge of being behid the wheel of a Wings For Life World Run Catcher Car for Max Verstappen is going to be to go slow this time! The son of former motorsport driver Jos Verstappen is ready take on the challenge: he even did a special training session with Toro Rosso colleague Carlos Sainz, where they both had to learn to go slow.

Spain: Carlos Sainz


The Catcher Car driver for the Spanish leg of Wings For Life World Run in Valencia will be Carlos Sainz, another Toro Rosso Scuderia team driver. Talent behind the wheel runs in the Sainz family, as Sainz Jnr is the son of former double World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz. He's surely the man for the job!

Denmark: Jason Watt

Denmark's Catcher Car driver is no other than former race car driver Jason Watt, who was injured in motorbike accident in 1999. He was paralyzed from the chest down, and today, is doing everything he can to support research of spinal cord injuries.

Slovakia: Ivan Jakes

The famous Slovak motorcycle racer is also a successful Dakar Rally competitor. Having competed relentlessly in the race since 2007, he holds the record for the best place in the race for a Slovakian. Jakes was one of the Catcher Car drivers last year and was very popular amongst both media and runners.

UK: David Coulthard

Another great driver behind the Catcher Car wheel, David Coulthard is a
former Formula One legend. The Scottish driver was runner-up in the 2001 Formula One World Driver's Championship with McLaren, and his active F1 career took place from 1994 to 2008. Known for his smooth driving style, DC is a fantastic pick for the Wings for Life Catcher Car Driver role in Cambridge.

USA: Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson is one of motor racing's most decorated heroes, with his name is all over the winners board when it comes to motorsports. He started off dominating in the gnarly sports of motocross and supercross before his need for speed brought him to four-wheels and off-road racing after his motocross career ended. In 2012, Johnson was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame for his achievements, so it's safe to say the Catcher Car at the Santa Clarita run is in good hands.

Turkey: Yağız Avcı

Champion rider Yağız Avcı will be in charge of the Catcher Car in Turkey once again. He's been doing his job very well from the very beginning and catching the runners of the Wings for Life World Run. Avcı also opened the new rally season with a victory; he's won the first race (Aegean rally) of the Turkish Rally Championship.   

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