ThIs Team Is All About InspIratIon

May 7th is just around the corner and the trainings are getting intense!

We visited one of the most hardworking teams’ in Turkey, Karşıkaya One Team in İzmir while they were training, for some inspiration. And we definitely got what we needed!

Last year, Karşıyaka One Team attended Wings for Life World Run with 364 runners, 18 of them were wheelchair users.

We caught up with Karşıyaka One Team on a sunny sunday, as they were running with their trainers Mert Onaran and Gökmen Aras, using the Wings for Life World Run app.

And as the trainings were about to come to an end, a great surprise was waiting for us. Yağız Avcı, the champion rally driver, who also drives the Catcher Car since the very beginning, showed up and joined the team with the Catcher Car as they continue their training.

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