WIngs for LIfe World Run Ambassadors Are CallIng For You

As we are getting closer to the big day, we are feeling more and more enthusiastic and we want everyone to feel that way, too!

 At least that’s what the ambassadors say!

Our ambassadors came together in İstanbul during the press conference for Wings for Life World Run and their message was clear: “Be a part of this meaningful race.

From champion Catcher Car driver Yağız Avcı to TV personality Merve Oflaz, here are some inspirational quotes.

On May 7, I’ll run at Wings for Life World Run once again. Everybody’s welcome! If you can’t make it to any of the locations, you can still help by downloading the app or donating. 

- Ayşe Tolga


This race has a distinctive feature: Do not get caught by the Catcher Car! I really wonder about how am I going to feel when I see that behind me!

- Merve Toy


I want to apologize for the past 3 years that I didn’t join this race and I want you to know that from this year on, you’ll see me here, always!

- Tanem Sivar


Merve Oflaz: "As soon as I feel the Catcher Car behind me, my competitive side will show itself. I’ll definitely run faster!"


It’s great to be a part of this event. Of course we are going to be the nightmares of the runners.

- Yağız Avcı


Ahmet Arslan: "It’s not important to go far and further at this race. To stand there at the starting point and becoming a part of it, that’s the real deal."

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