Catcher Car Surprises Training Run

What happens when US comedian Mike King invites people to a Wings for Life World Run Training Day?

Pure greatness.

South Florida runners and Wings for Life World Run ambassadors met in Sunrise for what they believed would be a training run for the race. Attendees were enjoying their run along the palm tree-lined streets when suddenly they saw the Catcher Car approaching them from behind, with none other than Mike King behind the wheel!

Surprised, runners were then picked up in the car, Cash Cab style, to answer various trivia questions on all things Wings for Life World Run. They were quizzed on the race locations, format and history, and they scored some pretty awesome prizes for correct answers. Yes, they were shocked. Yes, some serious knowledge was tested. Yes, it was EPIC.

Check out the video to see how it went down! 

Of course, trivia will not be a part of the experience on Race Day, but the Catcher Car will. The car takes off 30 minutes after participants start running and then steadily increases speed until the last runner is passed. As long as they stay in front of the car, they stay in the race. Nothing boosts performance quite like the excitement of being chased, and for the majority of Wings for Life World Run participants, because of this motivation they end up going even farther than they intended!

Join the movement on May 7 and run farther and faster than you ever thought possible. There's less than two months until Race Day, so get to training and maybe the Catcher Car will surprise you with some trivia, too!

Wings for Life
Wings for Life
I’m very happy and moved to be a part of this amazing cause. I got goosebumps when the race started, but to have the opportunity to be in the car and thank everyone personally when the Catcher Car passed them, that was  amazing.

Catcher Car driver, Adolfo Aguilar in Lima, Peru

Walking again will be the best feeling ever!

Brooke Thabit, Wings for Life World Run ambassador

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