8 Out-there Ways to Give A Gift Voucher

Last-minute Gift Ideas

Need a brilliant last-minute gift? Don't panic! Wings for Life World Run has got your back.

Remember how happy parents and grandparents were when you made a card as a child? How a simple homemade gift lit up their faces? You can get that all over again with these super-simple ideas of ways to gift a Wings for Life World Run voucher.


First, you need to do three things

Step 1. Sign your friend or family member up for the Wings for Life World Run in a location near you – or one really far away and go BIG on the present this year.

Step 2. Print off their voucher,

Step 3. Get your craft on.

8 ways to present a gift voucher like it's never been presented before.

1. Stick the voucher to the bottom of a little box – say a takeout box, matchstick box, shoebox, a shadow box  (or even this incredible carved-out book) something like that – then pack on top lots of running trinkets and clues about the place you’re sending your brother or sister, mum or dad, or friend.

  • Maybe a pebble to represent a beach run in Japan, a twig to represent the woods in Breda, some sunnies for a run in Dubai, a wooly hat to help against the cold of Canada or Norway.
  • Print out a map of where they’re going to run and add a few pictures of the track with photos of the recipient looking really happy or running on each one.
  • Wrap the box prettily and be ready to watch them open it and try to work out what they’re getting.


Source: https://thelittleyarisdiary.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/travel-shadow-boxes/ 


2. Write a poem – something like the one below – and get the recipient to read it out loud. You’ll be thoroughly entertained by the look on their face as they realise what you’ve done for them. Especially when you hand them their voucher, rolled in a scroll with a piece of ribbon tying it shut.


3. Find an old luggage tag and decorate it. No luggage tags? Cut a piece of felt or leather from an old bag or coat. Then get creative.

Even using liquid paper, you can create mountains to represent any of the more undulating runs around the world. But some yellow and blue paint would work perfectly for a coastal run, and you could craft a castle, a palm tree or many a recognizable landmark from a piece of felt, too.

Sew or stick the materials together and tuck the Wings for Life World Run voucher in the pocket ready for the big day.

Source: http://ak-hdl.buzzfed.com/static/2013-12/enhanced/webdr07/10/23/enhanced-buzz-18842-1386734701-0.jpg 


4. Do some paper folding. The great thing about the Wings for Life World Run voucher is that you print it out yourself on regular paper, so you can use the paper to fold any number of incredible origami creations. Maybe some flying wings would be your thing, or maybe you fancy trying to create a running shoe or even a running person – let your imagination take control and Google give you a hand. Just maybe practice with a plain piece of paper before you start using the voucher itself!



5. City skyline cut out. Print off the silhouette or photo of the city you're sending your runner to. Cut out your cityscape. Stick it to the outside of a glass vase or mason jar and pop a candle in the jar. The voucher you can have hanging to the handle.  

Have a look at Cambridge as an example. Simply search ‘city skyline silhouette’, and you’ll be stunned how many  cityscapes there are to choose from. A brave alternative could be to prick holes in your runner's favourite lamp ... just saying!


 Source: http://ideastand.com/diy-ideas-tutorials-for-teenage-girls-room-decoration/ 


6. Trickster!  If you’re feeling a like playing a trick, print off the voucher and stick it to the back of a really heavy catalogue then wrap it in a big box. They’ll think they have something really big and heavy coming to them. Ha ha! That’ll throw them off the scent, won’t it?!

In a similar idea, stick the voucher to something of a very obvious shape – a bottle of wine (maybe from the region they’re running in) or a frying pan, so they’re sure they know what they’re getting – until they get it.


7. Wrap it in a cake. Now this takes a little more preparation, but it’s still homemade and it’s still something you could throw together in an evening if you’re a dab-hand in the kitchen. Even the less cake talented could have a good go at creating this.

Source: http://www.listotic.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/30-Surprise-Inside-Cake-Treat-Ideas-candy-stuffed-cake.jpg 


 8. T-shirt time. Save paper and print the voucher on to a t-shirt transfer, then iron it on to a white t-shirt or tote. That way they have something to wear on May 8, and you get to chuckle as they take a few moments to work out what you’ve given them. Check out how to do it here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-on-Transfers-for-T-Shirts-Tote-Bags-and-Oth/ 


The time spent making your gift voucher carrier could well be the best hour or so you ever spend. Just think of your runner's reaction when they get any of these incredibly novel homemade gifts. Just don't get too carried away and forget to print out the voucher!



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