8 Reasons to Participate in Wings for Life World Run

1. Run for Those Who Can't

Is there really a better reason? By participating in the Wings for Life World Run you donate money AND help raise awareness for ordinary people whose life changed in a blink of an eye.

2. Be part of a Global Community

Everyone starts at exactly the same time, worldwide: 10am UTC. You might be in Barcelona or Bratislava, Cape Town or Comporta, or any of the other 35 races in 33 countries, but you will be joined in cause, in time and in community. This is truly global.

3. Set Your Own Goal

Races have finishing lines and you run towards the finish line, right? Wrong, not this one. This race it unique and ground-breaking because in this one the FINISH LINE CHASES YOU! Thirty minutes after the race starts, Catcher Cars will set off, initially at 15km/h, until it catches you. This means you get to set your own goal. You can work out how far you want to run with some simple maths (or using the goal calculator, which might be a bit easier!)

4. Grab Some Friends And Make History

You might live in LA or Busselton, but, this world being as small as it is, you probably have friends in many other parts of the world. Why not  'run with them' on different countries, in different countries, but share the experience nonetheless. You could even call them for a chat as you go! 


Maybe there's a run between you that you could meet at and participate in a place you have never been -- make a holiday or reunion of it!

5. Run With An Ambassador

Some of the world's most inspiring athletes, celebrities and opinion leaders are getting behind the Wings for Life World Run. Many of them don't consider themselves to be runners, but they're dusting off their trainers and getting out there. You will find yourself running alongside some truly remarkable people -- and some of them, the ambassadors, you might even recognise. 

6. Get Back Out There

The Wings for Life World Run is a great chance to get fit and healthy again. Each week on the website there is a beginners training program for people who want to get to 10k -- why not give it a go. You'll feel better about yourself and you'll be help others who would love to be able to get out of their chair and run again.

7. Touchable Stories

Many of the people running the Wings for Life World Run have been directly affected by spinal cord injury: friends or families have changed completely since one tragic moment in time. 
they have stories of hurt and pain, inspiration and success. Some families are running for a sister or brother who uses a wheelchair, for a friend who had a car accident, for a father who fell while fixing a lightbulb. Groups of families and friends are running together, giving this worldwide run a real community feel that will stay with you for many years to come. 


8. Go Somewhere New

Life is busy and sometimes finding time to meet up with friends who live far away is difficult. Maybe there's a run between you that you could meet at and participate in a place you have never been -- make a holiday or reunion of it!

 Grab Some Friends and Make History

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