Training Tips from the Global Champions

There’s one week to go to May 3. Here’s how 2014’s Global Champions, Elise Molvik and Lemawork Ketema, and runner-up Remigio Quispe are preparing themselves.


And they’ve got some pretty useful pre-race tips you can use as well.


How are you physically preparing for the race now?

Elise Molvik: I’m not preparing in any special way, but I do decrease my training in the last weeks before the race, and definitely no interval or hill training the week before the race.


Remigio Quispe: My preparation at this stage is as usual: a lot of training across Peru’s beautiful landscape, through its mountains and nature.


Lemawork Ketema: I am doing more long runs than when I prepare for a marathon, but basically it is very similar.



What will you eat in the last week before race day?

Elise Molvik: I will eat normally but add slightly more carbohydrates than usual. Particularly in the few days before the race, I’ll load my carbo stores, so my body has enough energy to keep going. It’s also important for all runners to drink plenty in the days before the race to store up minerals and salts that are lost in a long-distance run.


Remigio Quispe: Before I travel to Austria for the race, I’ll eat a lot of fruit, especially oranges harvested on my farm. I’ll also eat chicken soup, trout-based meals and a lot of potatoes and cheese.


Lemawork Ketema: Nothing different to other weeks. Mostly my diet consists of Ethiopian food based on barley.



Do you wear new kit or old favourites and why?

Elise Molvik: I will probably wear some of my favorite tights or shorts and my team’s running shirt.


Remigio Quispe: I’ll be using new kit identical to the one I usually use during competitions. It’s all very comfortable.


Lemawork Ketema: I have new equipment from Adidas, which I have been testing out in training.



Do you have any last-minute tips about kit for other runners?

Elise Molvik: Don’t wear anything you haven’t tried to run in before. It may irritate and rub against your skin. That’s no good when you plan to run a long way!


Remigio Quispe: Always run for something or someone. Always have an objective or motivation.


Lemawork Ketema: Whatever you plan to use on race day, test it before hand.



Do you wear or carry anything with you for luck?

Elise Molvik: No, I don’t do that. I have some things I need to do before, like eat a banana and drink a Red Bull, but other than that I don’t really have superstitions that mean I need to carry or wear anything.


Remigio Quispe: No, I prefer to stay light while running.


Lemawork Ketema: Yes, I carry a wooden cross given to me by my mother.



What is your pre-race routine?

Elise Molvik: Like I mentioned, always a banana right before start and a sports drink for the electrolytes. I also have to go to the bathroom many times, probably because I’m a bit nervous before races.


Remigio Quispe: A day before the race I get everything in my kit ready and leave it perfect for competition, and I drink a lot of orange and banana juice.


Lemawork Ketema: Have a good breakfast and focus on the race (I don’t like to be disturbed or talk to people before the race) and doing my warm-up routine.



Will you give yourself a treat in the week before the race, and, if so, what?

Elise Molvik: Hmm, haven’t really though about that, so no.


Remigio Quispe: The best treat will come after the race.


Lemawork Ketema: No



What are you most looking forward to on May 3?

Elise Molvik: I’m looking forward to the whole event. I really liked the route, so I’m looking forward to running it again. The atmosphere and meeting a lot of people is great, too. Other than that, I just hope to be in good shape and that the weather works out like it did last year.


Remigio Quispe: All I want is to run well. I hope that the name of my district, Atalla, of Yauli district, in the Huancavelica Region and of my beloved Peru will be raised high after the race.


Lemawork Ketema: Having a good race against other good runners. I am looking forward to running against my new Peruvian friend. I respect him a lot, and I know he is a good athlete with lots of experience in ultra running. I hope we have a good race. May the best win.


Ketema and Quispe will run head-to-head in Austria on May 3, and Molvik will return to the track that made her a Global Champion in 2014.

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