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Number Participant NationalityCategory
Christopher SchechterUSAM30
59303Laura GrajalesUSAF45
59301Sue ReedUSAF55
59296Runner Eighty FiveUSAF18
59236Runner Eighty fourUSAF18
59219Abby RoderUSAF18
59204Michael SchlabigUSAM18
59170Runner Eighty ThreeUSAF18
59144Runner Eighty twoUSAM18
59142Runner Eighty oneUSAM18
59137Runner EightyUSAF18
59108Runner Seventy nineUSAF18
59090Runner Seventy eightUSAF18
59085Runner seventy sevenUSAF18
59079Runner seventy sixUSAF18
59022Elizabeth MerglerUSAF16
59002Runner Seventy fiveUSAM18
58989Runner Seventy FourUSAF18
58968Runner Seventy threeUSAM18
58947Runner seventy twoUSAF18
58935Runner Seventy oneUSAF18
58929Runner SeventyUSAF18
58919Runner Sixty nineUSAF18
58916Runner Sixty EightUSAM18
58912Runner Sixty sevenUSAF18
58883Runner Sisty sixUSAF18
58830Runner Sisty fiveUSAM18
58829Runner sixty fourUSAF18
58821Runner Sisty threeUSAF18
58800Runner Sixty twoUSAF18
58779Runner Sixty oneUSAM18
58775Runner SixtyUSAM18
58739Runner Fifty nineUSAF18
58706Sean MahoneyUSAM18
58675Kyle SchackertUSAM45
58670Runner Fifty eightUSAF18
58659Runner Fifty sevenUSAM18
58654Runner Fifty SixUSAM18
58648Runner Fifty fiveUSAF18
58632Runner Fifty FourUSAF18
58620Runner Fifty threeUSAF18
58615Austin GoreUSAM25
58557Runner Fifty twoUSAF18
58552Runner Fifty oneUSAM18
58542Runner FiftyUSAF18
58538Runner Forty NineUSAF18
58503Runner Forty EightUSAF18
58456Runner Forty SevenUSAM18
58444Runner Forty SixUSAM18
58424Runner Forty FiveUSAM18
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