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Jarvi's blog #3

To cut a 10km long story short, ran the 10km as per my list, and it was tough.

So challenging was it that it precipitated a long afternoon on the couch dreaming of my past fitness levels and getting an understanding of my total undertaking.

It was time to rekindle my relationships with my running gear:

My shoes
A few years ago, when I started running for the first time, I got shin splints so bad that it felt like I was running on stumps. After some research I found the right shoe, for pronating, and it was the perfect shoe for me. A quick purchase of the latest version, and I was up, and running, so to speak.

These don't seem to have evolved much in 18 months, so I went searching for my old favourites – the lumo lime ones – and when I found them it was like coming home.

Like the socks, these don't seem to have really evolved much. Just a few extra reflector strips for those people who needed to run in the dark or who just weren’t prepared to call it quits even when God pulled the sun down in the evening, signifying drinks all round.

It seems these have  evolved considerably. Now they come with wicking knit, and somehow they transformed sweat into vapour that passes through the material and cools you down. I immediately bought into this dark magic and secured two such shirts.
I also purchased a new-fangled hoody that offered support with an internal earphone routing as well as thumbholes. They must've seen me coming.

Eyewear and headgear
My running sunglasses and running caps remained the same, although the caps would need a replacement at some stage as the salt rings no longer wanted to wash off, and they were like permanent marks of pride. Which is fine, but I wanted to start afresh, and gain new pride however it manifested itself.

The one thing that had occurred in the last 18 months however is that I most definitely had lost more hair. So, I chose an innocuous bottle-green buff to cover my head on what could possibly and hopefully be those long, enthralling mornings out there in nature by myself. I drew the line at gloves, deciding that cut-off fingers on black gloves would make me look like a white, running Michael Jackson, and no one wants any part of that.

There was also need for a few other essentials. I bought the stock-standard anti-chafe cream after that disastrous first marathon in 2014 and the incident that we are not allowed to speak of. I also bought some sun cream, to protect those bits that the wicking shirt, the cap or the buff didn’t cover.

It was time to get going. I just had one more task and that was to figure out how to get music to my ears. I went with a streaming service for a monthly payment, along with download options for all tracks. A set of plug-in headphones to deliver the music, and it was finally time to get serious about this running thing again.

There was just one more thing. I needed one of those small, sealable plastic bank bags with a few sheets of toilet paper inside. You know, just in case.

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