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Get to know the Wings for Life World Run Ambassadors

Patricia Kaiser

The international aspect is certainly the most exciting. I can prepare for the Wings for Life World Run without any pressure. I don't have to reach a specific goal as it's mostly the cause that counts. It's just great to be part of it!

Lindsey Vonn

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Lukas Müller

The pleasure of being part of a ‘competition’ and witnessing how people from all traits of life, be it in wheelchairs or on legs, buzz with joy because they are doing good while doing sports – that’s just brilliant!

Christian Schiester

I'm fortunate to live with a healthy and powerful body. One should constantly be thankful for that. As a Wings for Life Ambassador I can make a small contribution to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Matthias Walkner

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Lemawork Ketema

„Für mich ist der Wings for Life World Run so etwas wie mein ‚Heimrennen’. Es war für mich ja auch der Durchbruch und wichtig für meine Bekanntheit in der Laufszene."

Philipp Hansa

„Das Ziel, Querschnittslähmung irgendwann mit vereinten Kräften heilbar zu machen, ist so ein einmaliger Beweggrund, dass es für mich nur eine Entscheidung gab – dabei sein! Mit allem, was ich hab.“

Colin Jackson

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Reini Sampl

The Wings for Life World Run has a really unique flair. There are few events in which the cause is that tangible. Every participant knows exactly why he or she runs in the race – that’s what true integration looks like.

Kira Grünberg

I have received a lot of support since my accident myself and now I feel like it's time to give back and help find a cure for spinal cord injury.

David Coulthard

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Michael Buchleitner

I believe the claim "Running for those who can't" already says it all. There are many people who faced great misfortune and whose hopes are on the Wings for Life foundation and the research related to it.

Klara Fuchs

„People who are bound to a wheelchair and still see the positive sides of life inspire me.“
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