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Catch up with the new Catcher Car speed

A moving finish line called the Catcher Car is one of the innovative features that make the Wings for Life World Run so exciting – and so much fun. Not only do participants around the globe share the joy of coming together to raise money for spinal cord injury research, but all involved, from recreational joggers to medal-winning athletes, feel an extra burst of energy when the Catcher Car comes into view! In 2019, the speed concept is being refreshed to create an even more thrilling race experience.

The Catcher Car enables everyone in the Wings for Life World Run to feel the exhilaration of finishing the race, because you don’t run to a finish line; instead, the finish line chases you! When the Catcher Car passes you, your race is complete and it’s time to celebrate your participation in the global movement. 

As always, everybody will get a head start of 30 minutes, with the four-wheeled finish line setting out half an hour after the 11:00 UTC start time of the Wings for Life World Run. But the pace of the Catcher Car will be different. As usual, the car – whether real or the virtual version on the Wings for Life World Run App – will accelerate incrementally as the run goes on. However, to make our simultaneous global run even more exciting, the pace of the moving finish line will increase more significantly, particularly in the critical later stages of the race. This should see the last participants caught at around 65 to 70 kilometers (40 to 44 miles), creating a shorter race that provides an even more riveting finish!

If you’re a returning participant, what will change for you?

The Wings for Life World Run is for participants of every level. For all of you aiming for a distance from 5 to 21.1 kilometers (half marathon) NOTHING is going to change due to the new speed concept. Even for the marathon distance (42.2 km / 26.2 mi), this year’s Catcher Car speed increase is only minimal. (Curious? Use our handy Goal Calculator, which will work out when you’re likely to be caught.)

If you’re taking on an even longer distance, you will definitely notice that the Catcher Car picks up a faster pace than in previous years. Colin Jackson, the record-smashing British hurdler who is the International Sports Director for the Wings for Life World Run, thinks participants as well as people following the race will feel a special thrill. Those who typically run marathons but have the kick to push farther, for example, will now have a real chance to put themselves in the mix for the title of Global Champion.

“This change gives ultra runners and ambitious marathon runners a prime opportunity to challenge each other, something that’s unique to the Wings for Life World Run. I can think of no other event that sets up quite the same playing field,” Jackson says with anticipation. “It’s going to be good fun for the athletes, and I personally can hardly wait to watch.”

Whether you run with the Wings for Life World Run App (iOS / Android) or at an event location, there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush when the Catcher Car comes for you! Don’t miss out – sign up now for the Wings for Life World Run on May 5, 2019.

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Fundraising Kit
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