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The ultimate start preparation: All you need on race day

The countdown is on! © Matthias Heschl for Wings for Life World Run


Even before you warm up for your race (you can find a special warm-up program HERE), there are some things that directly affect your performance, which you should keep in mind. Here are five points to consider!

Stay hydrated!© Marc Müller for Wings for Life World Run

1.     Hydrate

Constant hydration is crucial, even before the race. What matters is not just how often and when you drink, but also what you drink. Ideally, start four hours before the race by drinking a few sips of water or electrolytic sports drinks, every 15 minutes. 

2.     Eat well

You should have your last big meal three to four hours before the race. This could be for example:

  • Toast with eggs, yogurt and a glass of juice.
  • A turkey sandwich, a cereal bar and a handful of fruit.
  • Pasta with sauce and salad.
  • A bowl of rice with steamed vegetables and plenty of proteins.

Also good to know: About 65% of all athletes suffer from a magnesium deficiency, which can often show in cramps of the calf muscles. An adequate intake of magnesium supports the electrolyte balance and can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry ... © Matthias Heschl for Wings for Life World Run

3.     Sleep better

You should sleep for at least eight hours before the race. If, for some reason, this is not possible, try and improve the quality of your sleep. To make sure you are well rested on May 6th, HERE are five simple tricks to improve your sleep.

4.     Gear up

O race day, dress up according to the weather, but not too many layers! Your body will be up to operating temperature soon after the race starts. Even though you will probably feel hot during the race, you will also cool down very quickly as soon as the catcher car overtakes you and ends your race. You should definitely take a few extra layers for after the race.

5.     Prepare - especially on App Runs

You do the race via the App? Excellent! That’s just another reason to prepare yourself well for the race of your life. Your checklist might look like this:

  • Did you charge your smartphone?
  • Have you set your GPS watch?
  • Have you got enough energy drinks and water with you? Maybe even a hydration pack?
  • Have you got enough bananas and energy gels packed?
  • Packed the sunscreen?
  • A hat, a cap? -> Let's go!

Well prepared for the race of your life ...© Matthias Heschl for Wings for Life World Run


"For longer races, such as the Wings for Life World Run, where your body is under quite a lot of stress, it is advisable to keep an eye on the fluid balance and to ensure a sufficient carbohydrate intake," says Marathon expert and Wings for Life World Run ambassador Michael Buchleitner. He adds: "Energy drinks, mixed with water, most sensibly used in the last third of the distance, keep the energy levels up and also provide the body with the necessary fluid to prevent cramps and other dehydration symptoms!"

You should also pay attention to this:

  • In addition to sports drinks, energy drinks and gels, even small snacks during the race, can provide the important extra energy kick. Muscles and brain are best cared for if you take small doses every 15 to 30 minutes. At the Wings for Life World Run from kilometre 4.2, and from then every 4 to 5 kilometres onwards, you can find water, Rauch SPORT Isotonic, Red Bull Energy Drinks, ORGANICS Simply Cola, Dr. Böhm® Magnesium Sport, bananas, oranges and energy bars. From the marathon distance onwards the cycling club Tulln provides a catering service on wheels.
  • But please be careful not to drink too much. Just go by the colour of your urine: If it is dark yellow, you need to drink more. If it is slightly yellow and almost transparent, you are well hydrated.

Patricia Kaiser and Michael Buchleitner are ready - and you? © Philipp Schuster für Wings for Life World Run


No matter how far you run on the 6th of May, make sure you also pay attention to your regeneration after the race! This includes a decent cool down as well as good food! Here are three important tips from Wings for Life World Run Ambassador Patricia Kaiser:

1.     Cool-Down
Go for a slow cool-down run. This helps the body to wind down and recover from the increase of circulation during the race. It also gives you a moment of peace and reflection.

2.     Refuel
Balance the fluid loss with water or mineral drinks. Vegetable broth (low in salt) also quenches the thirst and supplies the body optimally. Immediately after the run, provide your body with easy digestible carbohydrates. They can be directly absorbed by the blood and transported to the muscle cells. We recommend bananas, energy drinks or energy bars.

3.     Stretch
Stretch the specific muscle groups for at least 15 seconds. Start with the calves, then the chins and thighs and then move up the body to stretch your chest and arm muscles.



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