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Great to have you back! What is widely considered one of the most inspiring yet entertaining and competitive running events in the world returns for its second edition.

On May 3 2015 participants –- young and old, fun-runners and fanatics, beginners and professionals -- will gather at more than 35 locations stretching across six continents to start the Wings for Life World Run at precisely 11am UTC. Runners of all abilities are welcome to join ... and we want you, too!

A full list of all locations is available at our location overview.

A resounding success in its first year, the inaugural run drew more than 35,000 athletes. As if bringing together tens of thousands of people to run at exactly the same time wasn’t enough, the Wings for Life World Run goes one step further. This year, runners and wheelchair participants will all start their race side by side, then thirty minutes later, a Catcher Car will begin to follow them. Driving slowly first but increasing its speed at given periods in time, the Catcher Car is the moving finish line. Equipped with electronic sensors, the Catcher Car will pass the athletes, registering their digital chips on its way to the leaders. The last runner to be caught in any race is the Global Champion.

What makes the battle for the win so special? Athletes racing in different countries or continents might be closely competing for the global title, but they don’t know it until the Catcher Car has caught them and the race is over.

What now? Start running!

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