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Your donation is doing research!

See how your donation is making a difference. © Richie Hopson for Wings for Life World Run


Take a look at what impact your entry fee for the Wings for Life World Run has and what the research money from the worldwide charity run is being used for.


Research projects funded by Wings for Life in 2018.

In 2018 Wings for Life is funding 67 amazing research projects in 15 countries with the donations collected through the Wings for Life World Run – from Harvard to the Charité in Berlin.

Read HERE what your donation actually helps achieve.

Did you know? 

·      If the spinal cord is injured, the body enters an emergency mode and attempts to repair the damage. Read HERE what exactly happens when the spinal cord is damaged and with what difficulties and opportunities scientists are facing.

·      Neurobiologist Martin Schwab discovered why nerves within the injured spinal cord do not regenerate. Read the interview with the renowned Swiss scientist HERE.

·      With just a few clicks, everyone can now start their own fundraising campaign for Wings for Life - from stand-up paddle boarding to hiking - for all those who can’t! Read HERE how it works.

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