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Caught in the Moment

The thrill of the chase draws to an end and there's a different reaction for every single person out there running for those who can't.

Can you take this much emotion?

The last shot is 2014's best moment ever.

1. Adrenaline takes over and the strides get longer. I will keep going!

2. So for some, they brought the fight "Come of then -- you think you can catch me? You and whose army?".

For others, of course ... of course ... out come the cameras!


3. Wooo! Yeah, I've finished! ... Erm, can I get a lift, please?


4. No way is it going to catch me. NO WAY!

5. I. Am. Done. I'll just have a rest here for a moment.

 6. I hear it. There it is. One. Last. Push.

7. Nooooooooooo!

8. Coolboy in South Africa found out he could fly in the last moments of the race.

8a. So did Serkan Altug in Alanya, Turkey.

9. Catch me if you can! (Reader: *insert cheeky wink here!*)

 10. Let's get this party started!

11. Pride, exhaustion, elation, all in one beautiful face.

12. Hands up! You got me, OK!

13. Does my hair look alright?

 14. Adrenalin kicks in

15. Let's finish this together

16. Feeling the glory!

17. Best Moment Ever

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