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Catcher Car Drivers: The Race Is On!

Dakar Rally? Formula One? Hitting the Gs on skis? Falling from space? All passé. For the world’s leading drivers and adrenalin hunters, there is a new challenge.


Formula One ace David Coulthard, daredevil Felix Baumgartner, Paris-Dakar champion Marc Coma, and US off-road truck champion Ricky Johnson are committed, along with 31 other Catcher Car drivers, to chase down tens of thousands of runners worldwide. Who will be the last one driving?


Scotland’s David Coulthard has built a career on blistering speeds and being first to the finish line, but on May 3, a more sedate pace will have his heart pounding like never before.


“I love the irony of it”, said Coulthard, a veteran of over 240 Formula One races. “I spent my life putting the pedal to the metal, and here I am at Silverstone driving at a dizzying 15 km/h. But the best part about my race day is that I know I will eventually overtake my former team mate Mark Webber, who is running at Silverstone.”


Also taking on the 5-hour driving challenge are skiing giants Bruno Kernen and Jon Olsson, Ireland’s rugby union star Simon Zebo as well as GP2 talent Pierre Gasly.


Felix Baumgartner, who will be the driver at the Wings for Life World Run in Bucharest, Romania added: “To me, sports is about setting a goal. My goal is to be the last driver out there on May 3.” Which would mean Romania would crown the Global Champion, but with 34 other locations starting at the same time, Baumgartner is setting the bar high. As ever!


Last year, rally driver Franz Wittmann was the last man driving when he caught the first ever Global Champion, Ethiopian Lemawork Ketema, after an astonishing five hours and 78 kilometres at the run in Donautal, Lower Austria.


“By the time we caught up with Lemawork, we were joking about finding a gas station if this guy keeps on running”, Wittman said. With great runners around the world in 2015, this could be a long day at the office for the drivers chasing them.


Register to run on May 3 and be chased by some of the biggest names in sport.



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