App Run Adelaide


App Run Adelaide


With a radical concept, the Wings for Life World Run is a global race with a difference. Instead of a finish line, runners and wheelchair competitors – from beginners to elite athletes – race side by side to keep ahead of the Catcher Car.

Instead of a finish line, competitors race side by side to keep ahead of the virtual Catcher Car. Now in its sixth year, on May 5, 2019 Wings for Life World Run participants in Australia can also run together in Manly. Meet up with your friends, download the Wings for Life World Run App and join all the other people running until the virtual Catcher Car catches you of course.


The race starts at exactly 21:00. The virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start at 14 km/h and steadily increases its speed until the last athletes have been caught. Set yourself a distance goal with our handy Goal Calculator and see how far you can run to make spinal cord injury curable.

100% of your entry fee goes to spinal cord research. For more information about the charity click here.

Grab your mates, register and even run as a team.



·       APP: on the event day, the WFLWR APP on your personal smartphone logged on your account will be your time tracking tool.

·       TRACK: The track consists in a loop of 2.1KMS at Victoria Park Raceway. Please refer to the bottom map to get more details about the track. 

·       LOCATION: the start line is located in front of the grand stand at Victoria Park.

·       DATE AND TIME: on 5th of May at 8:30PM

·       ARRIVAL TIME: we recommend that you arrive at the event hub at no later than 7:00PM

·       HEAD LAMP: As part of your registration, we will provide you with a head lamp to keep!  

·       WAIVER: a couple of days prior to the event you will receive your personal race number via email. In order to collect you Starter pack you will have to present your race number on your smartphone together with a valid ID.

·       PERSONAL STUFF: NO BAG DROP! We recommend you to leave your personal stuff at your car, at home or to run with them.

·       PARKING: Parking is available in several locations around Victoria Park Raceway, including along Fullarton rd.

·       PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Public Transport is not included in your event registration ticket; please check available services on Sunday, 5 May 2019 using Adelaide Metro.

·       WHEELCHAIRS: wheelchair participants and runners start side by side at this track. The only requirement: wheelchair participants have to start in everyday wheelchair.


In order to join this Organized App Run, please download the Wings for Life World Run App for Android or iPhone and sign up for race day in the App.

You will receive your personal race number via email and it’s also available next to your starting number on the website a couple of days before the race.

The Wings for Life World Run APP is your time tracking tool. When you are registered the App will start automatically on the event day.

The virtual Catcher Car takes off 30 minutes after the start and as soon as it overtakes you, you will get clear signals via the App.

Remember, you MUST:

1.     Download the app;

2.     Login with your account (the same that you paid the entry fee with);

3.     Allows the app to ALWAYS access your location;

4.     Active you phone data;

5.     Make sure your phone is 100% charged.

We recommend:

1.     Update your app 24 hours before the event.

2.     Open the app 10 minutes before the race starts.

3.     If the app is lagging, turn your phone on/off.

4.     IF the app is still lagging, delete app and download it again.


The Event Hub will be located at Victoria Park Raceway grandstand – registration desk is found to the Fullerton rd side of the grand stand.

The Event Hub will feature the registration desk, a donation sausage sizzle, heaters and global event live stream.

The start line will be just in front of the grandstand, on the racetrack.


Yes, this track has a refreshment station! You will find the following on site: Water, Red Bull and energy snacks.



•       All participants will receive a headlamp.

o   A headlamp (RRP $50.00)

§  The headlamp must be worn at all times on the course to ensure all participants are safe and illuminated (be sure to turn on both front and rear lights).

§  This will be collected upon registration


Parking is available in several locations around Victoria Park Raceway.

Parking on Fullerton or Wakefield rd will be a 5 – 10 min walk to the start line depending on your parking location.


Public Transport is not included in your event registration ticket; please check available services on Sunday, 5 May 2019 and use Adelaide Metro to evaluate the best option to you.

Please note the event is on a Sunday night so regular services may not be available or take longer.


Once caught by the VIRTUAL Catcher Car, we encourage you to return to the START LINE/EVENT HUB to celebrate your achievement with your friends and keep sending good vibes to who still may be running.

Note: there will NOT be transportation provided by the organization for the participants to return to the Start Line.  


-       7:00pm Event Hub opens (if your OAR has an Event Hub).

-       7:00pm Dj live on Start Line/Event Hub.

-       8:15pm Official group photo

-       8:20pm Official warm on start line

-       8:30pm Global Wings for World Run STARTS

-       9:00pm– Catcher Car Starts on Course – Pace: 14 km/hr (8.69 miles/hr)

-       9:30pm – Pace Increase: 15 km/hr (9.32 miles/hr)

-       10:00pm– Pace Increase: 16 km/hr (9,94 miles/hr)

-       10:30pm – Pace Increase: 17 km/hr (10,56 miles/hr)

-       11:00pm – Pace Increase: 18 km/hr (11.18 miles/hr)

-       11:30pm – Pace Increase: 22 km/hr (13.67 miles/hr)

-       12:00am – Pace Increase: 26 km/hr (16.15 miles/hr)

-       12:30am – Pace Increase: 30 km/hr (18.64 miles/hr)

-       1:00am – Pace Increase: 34 km/hr (21.12 miles/hr)



Participants can wear t-shirts over a skins/jacket or similar warm layer of clothing. As our Wings for Life World Run is an 8:30pm start in Adelaide, we suggest warm and water proof running clothing. As well, wear Led Lenser headlamp.

For timing and logistics reasons, all participants can/should wear headphones/earphones linked with the official Wings for Life World Run APP Run in order to get advised about the distance within the Virtual Catcher Car.


The event will generally go-ahead rain or moonlight. In case of extreme weather, organisers will decide if it is safe for the event to continue. Participant safety is our number one priority.

Please note: If the event is cancelled, entries are non-refundable.


First aid support will be available at the registration hub– there will be a St Johns team at the Event Hub. If you need assistance during the race, please speak to volunteers or medical staff who will be placed along the route at designated refuelling station.


A refuelling station will be located at start line. The refuelling stations will have water, Red Bull, 50/50 (Red Bull/water), and snacks.

Please note we do not allow individual support for food or beverages from friends, family or coaches outside the course.

Please make sure you place all cups and rubbish in the bins provided. Those that litter outside of signed Refreshment Station areas will be disqualified.


Spectators are very welcome at this event. At no stage are spectators permitted on the run course at any location. Invite friends and family for this important moment and to celebrate your achievements later on.


-       NO participants are to be under the age of 16 years.

-       NO pushchairs or prams of any kind are allowed in the race. Non-race wheelchairs are fine.

-       KEEP your smartphone logged in your account at ALL TIMES! This will be your timing system.

-       Pay attention to all briefings and instructions provided to you by race officials to ensure you are safe at all times.