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With a radical concept, the Wings for Life World Run is a global race with a difference. Instead of a finish line, runners and wheelchair competitors – from beginners to elite athletes – race side by side to keep ahead of the Catcher Car.


On May 6, 2018, participants will start the Wings for Life World Run at precisely the same time - whether that’s dawn in North America, the middle of the day in Europe, or at night here in Australia. The Melbourne start time is 21:00 making for an exciting night running experience!


The Catcher Cars take off 30 minutes after the start at 15km/h and steadily increase their speed, precisely synced across the globe, until the last participants have been caught. Set yourself a distance goal with our handy Goal Calculator and see how far you can run to make spinal cord injury curable.


100% of your entry fee goes to spinal cord research. For more information about the charity click here.


Grab your mates, register and even run as a team.


Please note: All the information you need for the race will be available below. This information will be finalised on the 26th of April 2018.


·         Confirmed course – Monash Freeway eastbound, start from Patterson Reserve 484 Auburn Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122 (‘Event Hub’).

·         The participant event kit includes a Wings for Life World Run safety event t-shirt (RRP $40.00), a NEO Headlamp from Led Lenser (RRP $50.00), a space blanket and rain poncho.

·         The event bib, t-shirt and headlamp must be worn by participants at all times on course.

·         All participants must collect their bib and event kit on event day from the Event Hub. In order to collect the bib and event kit, participants will need to hand in a signed and completed Participant Disclaimer which will be emailed out on event week. Alternatively, participants can download the Participant Disclaimer here.

·         Once caught by the Catcher Car, participants will board buses back to the Event Hub – no exceptions! Under no circumstances are participants to walk back along the course route or exit the course on foot. 

·         At 8:00pm MCs will start sending waves per bib colour to the start line. Therefore, we recommend that participants arrive at the Event Hub at no later than 7:00pm.

·         To activate the event bib, participants must run forward and pass the Catcher Cars, located at the start line near the start arch.

·         During the run participants must keep to their RIGHT - the Catcher Car will pass participants on their left.



The Event Hub will be located at Patterson Reserve 484 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122.


The Event Hub will feature race check-in, bib and event kit collection, food & beverage stalls, bag drop, first aid, sponsor expo stalls, music, lighting, entertainment and amenities. It will also feature a big screen to watch the Wings for Life World Run global live stream.


The Event Hub is a short 5 minute walk to the start line which will be clearly signposted. The Event Hub will be on bitumen and will provide good access for all participants. 


The closest ATM to the Event Hub is at 7Eleven, corner of Toorak Rd and Auburn Rd, a 3-minute walk from the Event Hub.



All participants will receive a bib and event kit. Register before the 10th of March will receive a bib with their name printed on it!


The participant event kit will include the following:

  •  A Wings for Life World Run safety event t-shirt (RRP $40.00). See the t-shirt size guide here.

- This t-shirt is designed for safety and therefore must be worn by participants at all times on the course.

  • Led Lenser NEO Headlamp (RRP $50.00).

- The headlamp must be worn by participants at all times on the course to ensure they are safe and illuminated (both front and rear lights to be turned on).

  • Space blanket.

-  Participants must bring the space blanket on the run as it will keep them warm after they are caught by the Catcher Car.

  • Rain poncho.

-  To be used by participants in case of rain.


All participants must collect their bib and event kit on event day at the Event Hub. As 100% of the registration fee goes to funding spinal cord injury research, bibs and event kits cannot be posted out to participants. Participants should avoid arriving at peak time of 6pm – 7pm to collect their bib and event kit. This will be the busiest time and participants should expect to wait in queue for a long time! Information on opening and closing time of bib and event kit collection to come.


Steps to collecting:

1.      In order to collect your bib and event kit you will need to hand in a signed Participant Disclaimer. The Participant Disclaimer will be emailed to each participant on event week. Alternatively, the Participant Disclaimer can downloaded here.

2.      In order to complete the Participant Disclaimer you will need to know your bib number. Each participant will be assigned a bib number, emailed to you on or around the 30th of April 2018. The bib numbers will also be released on the startlist from the 27th of April 2018. Participants registering after the 27th of April 2018 will receive their bib numbers 24 hours after registration.

3.      Once a participant arrives at the Event Hub, you’ll see bib collection marquees with bib numbers, line up in the queue that represents your number bracket i.e 40000 – 50000.

4.      Participants will be required to present their signed Participant Disclaimer to staff at the bib collection tent (no waiver = no bib). In return for the signed Participant Disclaimer, staff will give the participant their bib.

5.       The participant will then take their bib (no bib = no event kit) and head to the event kit marquee to collect their kit (with the t-shirt size the participant nominated at registration). If the t-shirt doesn’t fit, participants are free to ask one of the staff for a different size.


Participants can collect bibs and event kits for other registered participants. In order to do so, the participant must show the staff at the bib collection tent an email, letter, text, Facebook message (anything in writing) that confirms the other participant authorises them to collect their bib and event kit. The participant will also need to hand in the other participant’s signed and completed Participant Disclaimer.

Using the bib: Event bibs have a unique RFD chip built in, this will measure a participant’s distance from the start line to where the Catcher Car passes them. All participants must attach their bib to the front of their event t-shirt with the safety pins provided. Wheelchair participants will receive a bib to attach to their chair handle. Participants can keep their bib after the event.



Clothing storage is available to participants during the event in the designated bag drop marquee. Each participant’s bib features a tear-off strip for them to attach to their backpack or event kit bag. Participants should not leave any valuables in their bags as we cannot accept responsibility for valuables lost or stolen. Information on opening time of the bag drop marquee to come.



Free parking is available to participants in several locations around Patterson Reserve, Auburn Road & Toorak Road in Hawthorn East. Stockland Tooronga shopping centre has free underground car parks available on a first in, best dressed basis. This is 500m from the Event Hub. Other free car park locations are at the University of Melbourne (Hawthorn Campus), Auburn High School, Sir Zelman Cowan Park, Kooyong train station and Tooronga train station. These locations are also on a first in, best dressed basis.


Participants are encouraged to utilise the convenient ‘drop off/pick up area’ which is located immediately outside the Event Hub on Auburn Road. Participants should not expect to park close to the Event Hub.


Click here to download the Parking Map



Participants should check available public transport services on Sunday, 6 May 2018 and use the Journey Planner. Participants should keep in mind that the event is on a Sunday night so regular services may not be available.


Public Transport is not included in the event registration.


Click here to download the Public Transport Guide.



Once a participant is caught by the Catcher Car, they will board a bus back to the Event Hub. There will be multiple buses positioned at various points along the course. The buses will continue to loop until all participants are safely returned to the Event Hub. There will be team members allocated to each bus who will help participants on and off the bus. At all times and for the participant’s safety, participants should pay attention to the instructions given by the team members.


Participants must stop where they finish their run or move forward along to course to where the buses are parked. Under no circumstances are participants allowed to walk back along the course route. As there are (reduced speed) live traffic lanes on the left side of the course, participants are also prohibited from exiting the course on foot.



•      TBC Bib and event kit collection opens.

•      TBC Food vendors open.

•      TBC Red Bull feature programming on big screen.

•      TBC Partner activations open.

•      TBC Bag drop opens.

•      TBC Bib and event kit collection closes.

•      TBC DJ live on stage.

•      TBC Official warm up on stage.

•      8:00pm MCs send waves per bib colour to the start line.

•      8:00pm Wings for Life World Run global live stream broadcasted on big screen.

•      9:00pm Global Wings for Life World Run STARTS.

•      9:30pm Catcher Car leaves the start line at 15KM per hour.

•      10:30pm Catcher Car increases speed to 16KM per hour.

•      11:30pm Catcher Car increases speed to 17KM per hour.

•      12:30am Catcher Car increases speed to 20KM per hour.

•      2:30am Catcher Car increases speed to 35KM per hour.


For safety reasons, all participants must wear the official Wings for Life World Run safety event t-shirt and Led Lenser NEO Headlamp. Participants can wear this t-shirt over skins / jacket or a similar warm layer of clothing. Participants will also be provided with a rain poncho in case of rain.


As our Wings for Life World Run is a 9pm start in Melbourne, we suggest participants wear warm running clothing. Participants can make use of the bag drop facility at the Event Hub to store warm layers for their return.


The Wings for Life World Run is for everyone! Participants can wear their club colours during the day and at the official pre-event warm up. Some of the best running costumes we’ve seen include bananas, monkeys…make it fun and help us to find a cure for spinal cord injury.



The event will generally go ahead rain or moonlight. In case of extreme weather, organisers will decide if it is safe for the event to continue. Participant safety is our number one priority.


Please note: If the event is cancelled, entries are non-refundable.



First aid support will be available. If assistance is needed during the race, participants should speak to volunteers or medical staff who will be placed along the route at every second Refuelling Station (approx. every 10km). A medical team will also be following behind the Catcher Car and located at the Event Hub.


Lost and Found will be located at the ‘INFORMATION’ tent at the Event Hub. This tent is also the best place for participants to set up a ‘meeting point’ with their friends and family after the run.



Refuelling Stations will be located on a participant’s right-hand side, at approximately every 5KM along the course. Due to the nature of the course on Monash Freeway, Refuelling Stations are only placed in safe locations. Therefore, Refuelling Stations are not exactly 5KM apart. For example, the first Refuelling Station is at 7KM, the second Refuelling Stations is at 12KM and the third Refuelling Stations is at 16KM.


Refuelling Stations will have water, Red Bull, 50/50 (Red Bull/water), bananas, toilets and are manned with staff and volunteers. At every second Refuelling Station, approximately every 10KM, there will also be First Aid support available. As there is no nutrition at any Refuelling Station, participants may bring their own. However, please note that we do not allow individual support for food or beverages from friends, family or coaches outside the course.


Participants must make sure they place all cups and rubbish in the bins provided. Participants that litter outside the Refuelling Station areas will be disqualified.



There are 2 Catcher Cars starting at 9.30pm from the start line. Due to the global nature of the event all the tracking/timing is synced.


The Catcher Cars must be able to pass participants WITHOUT slowing down.


It is extremely important for all participants to be aware of their surroundings and run on the RIGHT side of the course/lane. There will be volunteers and cyclists alerting all participants of the Catcher Car approaching. When alerted, participants must move to the RIGHT, so there is enough space for the Catcher Car to pass them safely. Participants should not step off course or outside the marked perimeter – the course is designed to accommodate the Catcher Car and participants. When the freeway is reduced to only two lanes, participants will be required to, where possible, run in single file, using the continuous white line as a guide.  This will allow all other operations to continue safely while not interfering with a participant’s run.  Participants that do not move over will risk disqualification.


Participants must be alert and listen to all instructions.


Participants should not wear headphones.


A participant’s safety is of paramount importance.  If a participant does not follow the event’s safety requirements, they may expose themselves, their fellow participants or the staff to an unacceptable safety risk.  A breach of the safety rules may result in the entire race being cancelled without notice. Participants should not leave the course at any stage, buses will collect them once they have been passed by the Catcher Car.



Spectators are very welcome at this event.  There will be a big screen at the Event Hub where spectators and returning participants will be able to watch the Wings for Life World Run global live stream. At no stage are spectators permitted on the course.



-          NO participants are to be under the age of 16 years.

-          NO pushchairs or prams of any kind are allowed in the race. Non-race wheelchairs are fine.

-          NO pets are allowed.

-          NO headphones are allowed to be used by participants on course.

-          To activate the event bib, participants must run forward and pass the Catcher Cars, located at the start line near the start arch.

-         Participants must keep to their RIGHT - the Catcher Car will pass them on their left.

-        Participants must pay attention to all briefings and instructions provided to them by race officials to ensure they are safe at all times.



Check out the FAQ page or contact us.

Wheelchair Detailed Info

Be prepared

18°C Average temp
50% Humidity
0% Chance of rain

Averages for Melbourne

100% of the entry fee goes to spinal cord research

60.00 AUDStarting fee
5.45 AUDGST 10%

Note: From 31/03/18 the entrance fee will be 65.00 AUD

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