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Find Your Flow and Get Motivated for Success with a Champions Playlist

In less than a month, hundreds of thousands of participants around the globe will be poised at the start line at 11AM UTC, ready to run for those who can’t with the Wings for Life World Run. For many world-class participants, music is set to play an important role in helping them to achieve their goals, whether it’s part of their pre-race warm-up routine, or a motivator on the running course. Download our ultimate inspiring Champion’s playlist, and find out how music could help you run the race of your life, faster and further than ever before!

It’s All About Mindset

There’s no denying that music can have a hugely positive effect on athletic and competition performance. Numerous scientific studies have revealed the mental and physical benefits of listening to certain types of music in preparation for a race, before competition, or during exercise.

Up-tempo, loud and vibrant songs can actually increase performance by between 10-15%, reducing the perception of effort and helping to attain a positive and confident state of mind. Many professional athletes utilize music as a real tool in their pre-performance warm-up, as favorite songs can lift and regulate mood, and achieve a balance between relaxation and excitement levels for optimum performance.

Get in the Flow

Music is also said to help many runners achieve the coveted “flow state”  – complete immersion in the moment and an enjoyable, comfortable, instinctive and focused state of physical and mental performance.

Using music as a motivator at certain points of a running course can also help to regulate pace, and increase a runner’s efficient use of oxygen. Listening to a curated list of favorite songs during a run can actually block signals that the body is trying to send to the brain, like tension and fatigue, whilst boosting the “positive” feelings like happiness and invigoration. In fact, studies have suggested that the positive physical and mental effects of music can directly influence a runner’s performance and their recovery too!

Find Your Motivation!

Whether you’re running with the App or at an event, why not put together your own motivational, pre-race playlist to get you in the zone for a fantastic Wings for Life World Run experience! Swiss triathlete, Olympian and 2015, 2016 and 2017 Ironman World Champion Daniela Ryf is no stranger to running long distances over grueling terrain, and has shared her top motivational music tracks:

There’s still time to sign up for the Wings for Life World Run and make a life-changing difference for those with spinal cord injury. Download our playlist, find your flow, and don’t forget to visit to find out all how you can become part of this unique global movement!