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Want to know how to best prepare for the Wings for Life World Run?

Two-time global champion in the event, Aron Anderson, has two key tips to keep you on the straight and narrow both in training and the race itself on 5 May 2019.

The Wings for Life World Run ambassador has some experience of what it takes, having set a record distance of 92 kilometres for the event in his wheelchair.

And the first piece of advice from the Swedish adventurer, who has trekked to the South Pole and competed at the Ironman World Championships, is to set micro goals that are easily achievable. Secondly, find a training buddy to keep you fully motivated in the build-up.

Anderson, who has been consigned to a wheelchair after surgery following childhood cancer, said: “The biggest thing for me when I do a race to really push far, I break it up into really small chunks.

“When I’m racing and feeling really tired, I focus on a light post or the next refreshment station or something like that. If I have my focus too far away I get discouraged, I don’t feel I can reach it. So, find a micro goal, a target you feel you can achieve really, really soon. That’s my No1 advice.”

As for his own training programm, he believes the key to cracking your own Wings for Life World Run preparation is to have someone to alongside you to share the training sessions with.

“Find a training buddy,” he said. “Training and working out is so much easier when you have someone to do it with. You hang out, you talk and have fun at the same time.”

For further assistance on top of this advice, download the Wings for Life World Run App (iOS / Android) to help you train and, if you haven’t already, register for race day and get your training buddy to register too.