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Like! 150,000 Facebook Fans

Wings for Life World Run is now the second biggest running community on Facebook, beating the London Marathon with its 94,210 fans, and coming second only to New York Marathon’s 160,186 fans.

Believe it! With those numbers, Wings for Life World Run could easily be the biggest single run on the planet: it just needs every one of those 150,000 people in the Wings for Life World Run Facebook community to step up and race at any of the 35 locations worldwide on May 3, 2015.

Our fans – you – hail from over 80 countries, with huge numbers in India, but Colombia, South Korea and Egypt strongly represent, and they speak 63 different languages: from different Chinese dialects to Pirate English (yarr, 43 fans shout scurvy pirate English, me buckos), and from Finnish to Hindi.

The most active city, with 3737 followers, is Lima, Peru, where Remigio Quispe battled head-to-head against Lemawork Ketema thousands of miles away in Austria, where Vienna’s numbers challenge Lima’s.

Following in the footsteps of 92-year-old Michael Selinger of Austria, who covered 8.59km and registered for the race via Facebook, 2,5% of our fans are over 55 years old.

With 41% women and 58% men (no idea about the remaining 1%!), when everyone on Facebook signs up to run on May 3, they will be a part of THE biggest global race EVER. So sign yourself up, challenge friends and family (buy them a voucher and they won’t be able to get out of it!) and build a team to challenge other teams, near and far.

100% of every entry fee going straight to Wings for Life, so every participant takes us hundreds, possibly thousands of steps closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injury, something that could happen to every single one of us at any time.





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