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Teams come together for the best reasons

Hundreds of teams are getting together to run for those who can’t on May 5, 2019. Some will run side by side, others will share the experience using the Wings for Life World Run App. But every one of them will bring hope to people who live with spinal cord injury and support research projects committed to finding a cure.

If you want to celebrate that wonderful team spirit, head to the Wings for Life World Run website to join an existing team or to set up your own. In a team, each person can choose to run in a classic event location or take on the App Run solo or with others. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, you can be part of the team closest to your heart.


The biggest team (so far): Run with the FLOW 

Captained by German ultrarunner Florian Neuschwander, Run with the FLOW has been the biggest Wings for Life World Run Team since 2016. Setting the bar high, Flo motivates celebs, athletes and fans to work as a team to run further than any other. Will Run with the FLOW’s combined kilometers beat everyone else’s again in 2019?

Or can your team beat them?


The biggest heart: Vanessa Sahinovic

Austrian synchro swimmer Vanessa Sahinovic was hit by a bus and paralyzed on her way to her last training session before the 2015 European Games of the Olympic Committee in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Her team mates and very best friends have been by her side ever since and will do everything in their power to get her to her dream: “I’m sure I’ll be able to walk again one day. The first thing I would do is dive into the water and dance…”

Join her team to show your support or run for someone else’s dream.


The biggest celebration: Hochzeitskilometer

Passionate runners Ulrike and Daniel got married on May 5, 2018. To celebrate their first wedding anniversary on May 5, 2019, they’re running as a team – and they’re getting all their wedding guests and friends to join them, wherever they are.

Join them or celebrate your birthday or anniversary – or the end of the week – with your friends and family by setting up your own team.


The biggest donations goal: Mission to the moon

These guys in Germany love the Wings for Life World Run to the moon and back – literally. As a team, their goal is to raise €384,400 – that’s €1 for every km covered if they ran to the moon and back.

Be on their team and get training or put your hand in your pocket and donate, donate, donate.


The biggest distance: #TeamCoast2Coast

Rallying Canadians across the country, #TeamCoast2Coast – led by Mike Shaw (Vancouver), Andrew Cho (Vancouver), Josh Dueck (Calgary), Pauly Plewa (London), Ben Leclair (Montreal) and Jim Mullan (Halifax) – has a series of Organized App Runs working towards a single goal of running, walking and rolling the distance between west-coast Vancouver and east-coast Halifax. A stunning 5,500km.

Join their team to help them reach their goal – unless you think you can go further.


The biggest smiles: Wheelie good team

“Taz jumped off a perfectly good cliff in Croatia in 2011. Broke his back and is now a T12 incomplete paraplegic. So because of this, we all have to do a damn run at 9pm at night with no finish time. It’s going to be so much fun.”

With a solid helping of humor and the hope for a cure in mind, Wheelie good team will run for its third year on May 5. They’re all about setting personal bests and having fun doing it.

Run with them in Melbourne or join their team and run wherever you want.


Sign up today to be a part of the Wings for Life World Run, whether you join a team, set up your own or go out there to run solo. Run, roll or walk as part of the Wings for Life World Run community on May 5, 2019.

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