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5 tips for your first race

I believe running is a dangerous sport. When you love it, be careful: you become an unbridled passion, even a vice! It happened well with me ...


I started there at 15 years old,  by my father’s influence: "Daughter, let's run a little bit?". At that time, more than 30 years ago, that's how it was called that light little jog in the park.


I started without thinking about the distance until one day I conquered my first 5 km. I wanted to test the 10 km, I got there; Then came the 21 km and unpretentiously became a marathon runner. Today, I have plans to become an ultra-marathoner!


There were countless races - I lost count of how many! Always accompanied by the indescribable sensation when crossing a finish line, regardless of distance, time, performance ... the sense of mission accomplished is unique.


There are, however, a few points I would have liked to have had the knowledge myself when I started running years ago. To enjoy this whole experience and enjoy the race completely, I suggest five tips for the new runners:


1. First Race. Wherever it is, the debut always brings anxiety and, with it, a night badly slept in the pre-test. Since relaxing can be difficult, with very little or almost no sleep ahead, enjoy the previous nights to relax, lie down early and have good moments of rest. And if you really have a troubled eve, do not worry: it will not mess you up, it's part of the process.


2. The day before, feed yourself as usual. Do not use this day to try any perfect recipe. For longer exams, there are recommendations for carbohydrate-rich meals. Choose that pasta dish you eat regularly, nothing to invent.


Already on the morning of the test, have a good breakfast with enough time for a good digestion, so that you do not arrive at the start with the stomach of those who left the steak house. And hydrate yourself - a lot!


3. What to wear? This part is very simple: it is not a day to experience anything new. Although it will be a special day, your debut will be much more successful without a new costume that bothers you or a beautiful tennis shoe but hurts you. This can get you out of the race. Wear any of the clothes you've worn in your workouts and the pair of sneakers you've been most comfortable with.


4. Schedule to get to the test location with - at least 1 hour in advance. Sounds like a lot, but believe me, it's not! There are always a lot of people in the same situation, and it may even be that you need that last stop in the bathroom, whose queue will be unfriendly. Already have a lot of anxiety in the air so that you accumulate a little more of it, arriving late in your first line of start ... It is worth arriving with a good advance, it is a delight to enjoy the energy of the racers in the pre-start moment!


5. Finally, the start. Position as indicated on kit removal. There's no use in wanting to stay ahead or behind, that brings no benefit. It is normal to happen a certain traffic of runners from the beginning, but in a short time this cluster disperses and that is when its moment begins. Remember the trainings, your coach's directions (if you have one), everything that went on until you got there. Now is the time to play and have fun. Take your test!


So do not want to try the hallway next to him, because he's faster, looks nice, looks more seasoned, or sounds more professional. If this goes through your head, come with me: the debut is yours! He did not train for you, did not sweat for you for so many hours of training and did not dream for you to be there. Realize your dream completely, taking advantage of step by step and every moment until crossing the finish line.


A magical moment; one of a kind! Each runner has his own story, his own experience according to what he went through to realize his dream. Congratulations, you crossed the finish line! He passed the porch and became a real runner!


And from all that, what I always say, is that my passion for running is so great that I would like all the people I love one day to experience the feeling of crossing a finish line.


Have a great debut. Let this be the first of many!

Carla Almeida

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