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5 tips to run faster

We separate some tips that are fundamental for those who want to run more and more and surpass their goals.


Perhaps the greatest desire of a runner (be it amateur or professional) is to run faster and a greater distance. We already know that running can bring a lot of benefits, but if you're always keeping the same type of training, you'll hardly see quick and effective results. We then put together five key tips for you to improve your time and performance. So enjoy the inspiration of the beginning of the year and add these tips to your training routine to arrive on May 7 surpassing your goal and running a lot!

1. Do Polarized Workouts

Recent studies show that polarized training is one of the methods that most promote the improvement of aerobic conditioning. This method is based on the combination of some factors: moderate intensity aerobic exercise and longer duration; High intensity interval exercises and continuous high intensity and short duration exercises.

2. Train Specifically

Although many find that to improve performance / speed just run faster, this is a mistake. The correct is the variation of the stimuli and a specific dedication to each part of the training, be it of muscle strengthening, speed training, interval training, continuous or flexibility.

3. Control your "pace"

The pace is very important in the race, when you can control your pace you are halfway there. The "pace" is nothing more than the rhythm of the race and our body during a race works like a car, meaning if you are always at the same balanced speed, without accelerating / decelerating, it will save fuel. How to find your pace is the question and the answer is simple, run. Only with the training will the person get to know himself and find his "cruising" pace (constant speed). The suggestion is to start with a short distance and gradually increase to know how far and how long you maintain a cruising speed.

4. Intensity is the secret

The intensity of the training determines the evolution. The simplest way to determine the intensity of the race is the speed of discomfort. This speed is what the participant is gasping for. It is only in "time in distress" that the body will create the physiological adaptations necessary for increased conditioning.

5. Improve the running technique

One of the simplest ways to run faster is to improve the running technique. First attention to the upper limbs, let them always accompany the movement of the past and as relaxed as possible, even in a situation of tiredness. The recommendation for the most efficient footfall is the one that touches the calcaneus and the middle of the foot to the floor simultaneously.


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