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7 Dream Running Trails

Runners get to see the world at its best, when the sun is rising or sinking and when there is no-one else around. When the world is at its most perfect.

Some of the Wings for Life World Run ambassadors and location winners heaved a blissful sigh and, with a glint in their eyes, shared their dream running tracks. It's pretty easy to see why they are so in love with the idea of running these tracks, roads and trails.


1. Ryan Sandes has his eyes on the 42km-long Otter Trail on the Garden Route, in South Africa. The rugged coastline lined with forest juts into the Indian Ocean. Much of the trail follows the cliff tops but it also drops to sea level and follows river. 

"Otter Trail combines the sea and trails, making it the perfect running location for me."


2. When Briton Tom Otton ran in Dubai in 2015, he has his mind on his dream track 380km away in Liwa Desert, the birthplace of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai ruling families and particularly good at growing dates. 

"My dream run? Sunrise in the desert at Al Qudra or the Liwa Desert"

3. Both Frederik Van Lierde and Marc Herremans agree it's all about Ieper in Belgium. So Van Lierde doesn't need to go far to fulfil his dream run:

"My region around Ieper. Too beautiful." "Ieper" says Herremans, "Great place. Great history"


4. When it looks like this, is it any surprise that Frida Södermark, female winner in Sweden, pins her hopes on one day running "In the mountains up north, in Fjällen".


5. Brasilian IRONMAN Henrique Werneck Pereira do Espirito Santo covered 35.53km in Brasil onMay 3, 2015. And for him, his dream comes true most days of his life, because his dream track is

"Just anywhere in Brasil! Pedra Bonita, Vista Chinesa, Grumari, Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Lagoa, Parque Lage and many others! They're all amazing”

6. Slovenian hanglider Matjaz Klemencic ran 15.36km in Ljubljana, but when he's not soaring above the earth, he dreams of heading to the coast:

"Running along the Slovenian coast makes you dream the run through."

7. Australians Rhiannon Tracey and Emily Hames couldn't agree which amazing parts of their country made their dream-run bucket list:

"The Gold Coast," says Tracey, "because it's always sunny and beautiful!"

 "But," says Hames, "the west Australian Desert or around the big red rock - Uluru - ... or The Botany Trails."

Seems choosing the best run in Australia is a tough call.

Whatever your dream track, it's time to choose your dream Wings for Life World Run location and sign yourself up for a great day running with thousands of others to support spinal cord research and find a cure.

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