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Best moments of Wings for Life World Run 2016

In Brasilia, the British Thomas Payn and the Leticia Curitiba Saltori won the event.


More than 130,000 people from 203 different nationalities took part in the last edition of Wings For Life World Run. Like every year, it happened in May, but we already miss the biggest and most exciting street race in the world! Before you put on your sneakers and start training for the next year's competition, let's remember the best moments of the 2016 edition.

The Brazilian Flávio Guimarães led the race globally for more than an hour, but lost the world's lead around kilometer 20. He was also overtaken by England's Thomas Payn, who won the Wings for Life World Run in the UK in 2015 And chose to run in Brazil this year.

The tight dispute between the title happened between Payn and the Brazilian Kenny Sousa, that stayed side by side until the last meters. Kenny came to lead the race, but the Briton was able to overtake him just before Catcher Car reached them. There is a heart!

"I did not expect to run that much. My goal was to stop in the 40 km, but I went, and the fans gave me a lot of strength. I ended up playing the title to the end. But I had the wrong strategy to accelerate at the wrong time, and then Thomas passed me afterwards, "said Kenny, who completed 56.38km.

With that, Thomas Payn took another Wings For Life World Run champion title. Which country will he choose to run next year? Let's find out and we'll tell you.

"It was incredible, but very, very difficult. I was very happy with the win, especially because it was a very fought race and very difficult for me, "said Payn, who ran 56.52km.Among the women, the winner was Leticia Saltori, after completing 51.09 km.

"I was very excited. I could not believe I was going to run that much. The cause was what motivated me. I thought I would run up to 44 km, but a lot of people encouraged me along the way, "said Leticia.In the wheelchair category who took the best was Antonio de Oliveira Rodrigues, who finished with 36 km.


"I was very happy to have participated in a race like this and happy with my result. I never imagined that I would complete this distance, I am surprised at myself. I'm definitely going to race next year. I intend to do 40 km and overcome myself again, "said Antonio.

With an innovative concept, the Wings For Life World Run gives the opportunity for anyone to run regardless of the level of training. In 2016, more than 30 wheelers entered the race. Among them, two brasilienses were the champions of the race. In addition to Antonio, Adriana de Jesus Rangel was the female winner, with 17.64 km, and is already excited for next year.

"I really enjoyed participating in this event. I will train to be here again in 2017, hit my goal and reach 25 km, "said Adrielly.

And you, what is your goal? Let's run together for healing and awareness of the spinal cord injury. Sign up here and do your part!

* Entries made until December 31, 2016 have the value of R $ 110. From January 1, 2017, they will increase to R $ 125. Get yours now!

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