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Want to join Wings for Life World Run, but will you be in another city? Download the race app!


Here comes World Run, a new application that will take Wings For Life World Run to any city in the world. Now, riders of all types and levels can make your perfect race, at your pace, in the city you want.

With the app, you can create your own course, run at exactly the same time as other athletes around the world, and still share that experience and your performance on your social networks.

Winner of Wings for Life World Run in Switzerland in 2014, Daniela Ryf, the Ironman world champion, loved the idea. Participants can sign up to run either at the official venue of the competition in their country or create a completely new circuit, wherever it may be.

It is perfect for anyone who wants to be a part of the global event and help raise funds for the cause, but can not go to the official event sites. Or, for those who simply prefer to run somewhere different.

Ryf, a two-time professional athlete from Switzerland and world champion Ironman 2015, explains:

"The best thing of all is that, even in another city, you are part of the riders team at this global event." During the live broadcasts of the races, broadcasters will comment on the riders using the app. I think it will be incredibly fun and rewarding for all the people participating because you will not only prove to yourself that you can take the test but you will know that the money you will help raise will make the I'm really looking forward to seeing this in action! " (Daniela Ryf)

Some runners can set a starting point close to home and use the World Run app to train for the big day. Others can create groups to live an adventure, like a 2015 participant, who mapped out a course in the Arctic Circle and traveled there for race day. By 2017, race app participants can share their experiences with others.

"Motivation is always a crucial factor if you're training for a competition or just trying to get in shape, that's what the app offers everyone." (Colin Jackson, sports director of Wings for Life World Run)

"What I love about the app is that you can choose what motivates you to run. You can set your own goals: run close to home or somewhere different, build a team or go it alone, create a fun or challenging course - the options are virtually unlimited, "he adds.

Download the World Run app from Wings for Life World Run and be part of the team. You can create your own team or join another one with other runners around the world!




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Be part of it! On May 7, 2017, you can join thousands of runners at Wings for Life World Run, the largest street race in the world. Call friends, challenge your family, let's all run for those who can not.

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