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Get ready for the Wings for Life World Run 2018: 5 places to run in Rio

Get ready for the Wings for Life World Run 2018: 5 places to run in Rio

2018 is just around the corner, so it’s time to be prepared for the biggest simultaneous race on the planet. Vote for your favorite place.

With 2017 nearly at its end, we are now able to reflect upon all the emotions we had during the Wings for Life World Run season this year, when we saw, for the first time in the competition’s history, a wheelchair user winner – the Swedish Aron Anderson – whose amazing 92.14 km running route in Dubai guaranteed him the gold trophy, while he competed with more than other 150.000 athletes around the globe.

And how about starting 2018 with the right foot, training in one of the world's most beautiful cities? We have selected five special places in Rio de Janeiro, where the competition will take place on May 6th, so you can enjoy the view while exercising and starting the engines for next year’s Wings for Life.

1. The classic South Area route

This is a “must-go” to those who have never set foot in Rio as you will be able to see the beautiful Leme’s border as well as Copacabana’s, Ipanema’s and Leblon’s. This 8 km route will make you feel all the carioca’s relaxed vibe, passing by historical places, luxurious hotels, amazing views and much more.

Warning: It’s a sea shore with a lot of sun exposure. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water!


2. Aterro do Flamengo

Another Rio’s classic place. Here you’ll find a better structure when it comes to running because the famous brazilian architect Maria Carlota de Macedo Soares designed the route in a way that you can choose two different paths: one in a sea shore area and the other one inside the park. It’s a 5km route with a great view of the Guanabara bay, that includes the famous Sugar Loaf near to Botafogo beach.


3. Into the wild

If you are the kind of people who prefers to run in a bigger green area instead of seeing all the concrete landscape, this option is for you. In this route of 15 km you can go inside of the atlantic forest in Tijuca Park, specifically through the Paineiras road, and get close to the famous Christ Redeemer (what a bonus, right?). Warning: Choose to go on the weekends when cars aren’t allowed to get in. Plus, don’t forget to bring the bug repellent (when it comes to this matter, it gets a pain in the ass there!).


4. “Top of the world looking…”

Have you heard about the Gávea Rock? Well, this is another “postcard place” in Rio. We can call it 842 meters of pure natural majesty. According to Fernanda Maciel, brazilian runner and record holder, “the trail is one of my favorites… Green beauty, birds, different animals… And it ends at the top of the rock with a complete view of Rio, with its beaches and mountains”. This route has just 1.6 km distance, though it’s not as simples as it seems to be. Be prepared!


5. For the soccer fans

2018 is a year of World Cup, right? So, how about getting in the soccer mood running inside Maracanã Stadium? Brazil hosted the championship in 1950 and 2014, as well as the Olympic Games in 2016, so the stadium’s running track was reformed recently. We consider this one a 2km route ideal to bring the family for a fitness fun. Warning: Avoid training in there during game days for obvious reasons.




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