PreregisterMay 3



Registration is Closed, But Don't Despair

Online registration is closed!


But don’t despair! You can still turn up on the day in several locations. Check out the location you want to run in for more information about how and where to sign up. And until 8pm UTC on Friday May 1, you can still register for the Selfie Run.

3 steps to find out if your location is accepting onsite registrations

1. Go to the location page

2. Click on  the Participants tab and

3. Click on the Info tab at the top of the page to get the lowdown.


Locations that have onsite registration will be open for sign ups until two hours before the race starts – 9am UTC.

Last year’s Global Champion Elise Molvik turned up on the day in Norway and ended up the last woman caught by the Catcher Car – so there is always hope!

Join thousands who have already signed up to run for those who can’t and see how far you can go before the Catcher Car chases you down.



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