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Running like a champion

Wings for Life World Run is a challenging event for runners at all levels. The format of the race, in which the catcher car accelerates gradually, allows beginner runners to overcome without exaggerating the distance, while experienced athletes are physically demanding when running a considerable volume at relatively high intensity.

Whether you are thinking about hitting your personal distance record or being the winner of Wings for Life World Run 2017 in Brazil, here are my five tips:

1) Use the Goal Calculator made available on the Wings for Life World Run website! Start by choosing a pace that is comfortable enough aerobically and see how far it will allow you to run. If it goes far beyond the volume you intend to run, choose the maximum distance you want and see if the pace is feasible for so long. But remember: this is the perfect test to overcome your limits, so do not be too conservative!

2) Take into consideration the altimetry of the race and the probable climatic conditions, both to set the pace of the race and to program in terms of food and hydration. In Brasília, the ascent of road L4 to Eixão is hard and the weather is quite dry in May, which can change - to a bit worse - the perception of effort in relation to the pace.

3) Plan your nutrition considering a few miles more than you expect to run. The energy of the runners around and the extra motivation to get out of the car make most athletes outpace their initial expectations.

4) At the beginning of the race, follow your plan! At Wings for Life World Run the main opponent is the catcher car, not the riders around it - so a consistent average pace is worth much more than being ahead at the start of the race. Plan and execute your test, exceed your limits and have fun contributing to a beautiful cause!

5) If after 35km or 40km (female and male, respectively) you are still in a position to fight for the title of Wings for Life World Run Brazil 2017, it's time to play tactical game. Control the corridors around you and be ready for the sprint. After all, at the end of the day you do not have to run more than the car - just more than second place!

See you on May 7 in Brasilia!
Good training!

Ana Lidia Borba
Champion - Wings for Life World Run Brasil 2015
3rd Place - Wings for Life World Run Croatia 2016

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